When did table 1 forfeit the game in the westing game?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When did table 1 forfeit the game in the westing game?
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What page on the westing game is the word alcove?

chapter number #1

What is 1 hyperbole from the westing game?

she was as fat as a cow

Who does Turtle Wexler kick in The Westing Game?

Sandy Mcsouthers I think their were more but they were all one person sandy, barney, and 1 other person was same westing, sam westing pretended to be them

What is a forfeit in football?


What is the score of the NFL game?

The score of a forfeited NFL game is 2-0. The reasoning behind this is that a safety is the only way to score in an NFL game in which no points are credited to a specific player. There has only been 1 official forfeit in NFL history (1920 - Rochester Jeffersons lost by forfeit to the Washington Pros/Senators).

Why did The Westing Game win the Newbery Medal?

Because it is a complex, amazing, and interesting story

What were the red herrings in the Westing Game?

The red herrings are that they get many clues

What is the lowest winning NFL score?

I know that twice the score was 2 to 0 and the teans involved both times were the Bears and Packers. What I don't know if it was forfeit situation. It would not be forfeit as a forfeit results in a 1-0 decision.

What dos a table tennis referee do?

You mean "what Does" 1. He Refs the game :)

Where can you get discontinued replacement parts for a Harvard multi game table?

where do you get repacement parts for the 3 in 1 model # G05643 pool air hockey and table tennis game

An idiom from the westing game?

A smile that could break your heart......

What are some Good party games for 15 year olds at a co-ed party?

The X game - Everyone takes a turn looking through a book for 1 minute. The aim of the game is to find the most number of 'X' s in the book in the time limit. There is a forfeit for having a certain number of 'X's, for example, no forfeit if you found 4 or more, but a really embarrassing one if you did not find any.