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Mummification started because the Egyptians believed that your soul ( Ba ) would leave your body when it dies, trying to search for life. The Egyptians preserved their bodies so that the soul could reach the life, The afterlife.

that their souls would go to another body and start their life over again.

Ancient egyptians started making jewelry when they wanted to wear it!

Ancient Egyptians and Sumerian's started it all.

i believe the ancient egyptians knew about veneering

2012 A.D. thats what she said ;) :((:(:(:(

Jewelry is one, because Egyptians wore jewelry i got the word from a local library book about the ancient Egyptians

No, Hinduism started much after the Ancient Egyptians. It was started by the Aryans which started Brahmanism. It eventually changed into Hinduism and that is how it got started. Also, the Aryans were an Indian culture, which lived much after the Ancient Egyptians.Sources: An education in History.

During the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians started building the pyramids around 2950 BC with the step pyramids. They would continue to build pyramids until 2345 BC.

Ancient Greece: his temples and places of worship dating at 8th century BCE.

The first people to bake were the ancient Egyptians, who were baking bread in 8000 BCE.

ancient Egypt ended in 30bc and wikianswers rocks, totally shway

Mythological aspect in ancient Egyptians minds: forever.Normal people 3150 BC

so they could write letters to each other and to educate people

They did this because the Egyptians believed that it weighed the dead body down, so the person could not go up to the stars and start their afterlife. They also took out the brain because they thought the snot was from the brain. Another reason is that they thought the brain was useless. Incidentally, the left the heart in because the thought that the heart was where thinking and everything came from, and the mummy would need it in the afterlife. Once the mummy got through the underworld, its heart would be weighed against a feather, to symbolize truth.

Egyptologists are unsure of an exact date, but probably from around 3000 bc or so.

they were ditches dug to start the flow of water to run to the field so they can use a shadoof

Ancient Greeks studied the stars. The Ancient Egyptians and Africans studied Astronomy around 6400 BCE. The Temple in memphis was around 5300 BCE aligned on the star Capella. The Egyptians systematized the study of stars and knew about the Precession of the Equinox. See The Dawn of Astronomy by Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer. The Greeks came later after learning from the Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians used pyramids at first, but they soon found out that they were not the best idea (each one built was broken into) so they decided to start burying pharaohs in the valley of the kings, which is in the side of a mountain.

There were always slaves in Ancient Egypt but slaves in large quantities did not realy appear until the New Kingdom (c.1500BCE)

a good word could be understand ... with the help of the Rosetta stone we can now understand the language of the ancent egyptians

The earliest documented example of circumcision relates to the ancient Egyptians where it is thought the procedure was initiated among the upper class to differentiate themselves from the rest of the population.