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In January 1, 1901 the colonies of Australia became the Commonwealth of Australia. On this day, the Constitution of Australia became effective.

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What form of government existed in the colonies?

The Articles of Confederation and then we made the Constitution

When was Confederation of Australian Sport created?

Confederation of Australian Sport was created in 1976.

When was Confederation of Australian Motor Sport created?

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport was created in 1953.

What are the colonies of confederation in Canada?

In Canada, the "Confederation" refers to the entire nation, similar to the way that the "Union" refers to the entire nation in the United States. The colonies of confederation refers to the original British colonies/provinces that merged to form Canada (Upper/Lower Canada, now Quebec and Ontario), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.

What was the name given to the form of government they adopted on November 15 1777 by the American colonies?

Articles of Confederation

Which form of written document established the government system for the Thirteen Colonies during the Revolutionary War?

Articles of Confederation

What established the federal government in Australia?

On 1 January 1901, the Federation of Australia was brought into existence. The Australian colonies were joined to form the Commonwealth of Australia. The state of the Commonwealth of Australia was born with a vote to Federate with the Australian British colonies.

The American colonies were loosely bound in a firm league of friendship under what document?

"Articles of Confederation" OR "confederation" or "the Articles of Confederation"

Who has the power the power in a confederation?

The Gorbachev colonies

How did the Articles of Confederation unite colonies?

they failed

Who were the first four colonies to join confederation?

the first four colonies to join confederation were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East and Canada West.

What date did the thirteen colonies officialy become the thirteen colonies?

under the articles of confederation 13 british colonies formed a national government. That's not to say that there weren't other colonies in existence or being formed.. just that they were not part of the confederation.

What was the first written constitution in the colonies?

articles of confederation

How did the colonies govern themselves?

They created the Articals of Confederation

What does the acronym CAMS stand for?

confederation of australian motor sport

Use Confederation in a sentence?

The united states in the late 1700's was a confederation, which included the 13 colonies.

Why was the country Canada formed?

In the 1860s the British colonies were facing many different kinds of problems. One solution for all of these was for the colonies to come together to form one country. These are the problems that led to confederation:

What is the purpose of the Australian constitution?

the purpose is to unite the Australian colonies as a single nation

On what date did the six Australian colonies formally create the Australian nation?

Federation of Australia's six colonies occurred on 1 January 1901.

Which country did Canada belong to before Confederation?

Prior to Confederation, what is now Canada was a collection of British colonies and territories.

What document governed the colonies before the Constitution?

Article of Confederation

What was the first written constitution in the American Colonies?

Articals of confederation

What was the name of the first legislature of the American Colonies?

articles of confederation

What does Article I of the Articles of Confederation explain?

How the colonies have controled themselves.

First government the colonies formed after the revolution?

Articles of Confederation.

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