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When did the English Civil War begin?

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The first military action (of sorts) took place at Hull in January 1642, which refused to admit Charles I or his troops into the city. In August 1642 Charles I 'raised his standard') at Nottingham (in other words, called on all loyal subjects to fight for him). By then, there was already widespread fighting at local level. The first major battle is generally given as the Battle of Powick Bridge (Worcestershire) on 23 September 1642. This was followed in October by the first well known battle - Edge Hill.

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When was the last English Civil War begin?

it was ended about 1800's......

When did civil war in England begin?

The English Civil War started on August 22, 1642 and ended on September 3, 1651. The war was a victory for the English Parliamentarian, and resulted in the execution of King Charles I.

Why did the English Civil War happen?

what triggered the English civil war????? Check out 'How did the English civil war happen?'

When did the English Civil War finish?

The English Civil War ended in 1651.

What did the navy do in the English Civil War?

The navy did stuff in the English civil war

King executed after english civil war?

No English King was executed after the English Civil War. The execution of King Charles I occurred during the Civil War.

When was the English Civil War?

"The English Civil War" was actually a series of conflicts which lasted from 1643 to 1651.----The English Civil War was made up of three parts. The first civil war was from 1642 to 1646. The second civil war was from 1648 to 1649. The third civil war was from 1649 to 1651. The whole is referred to as a single war, the English Civil War.1642 - 1651

Is it true that the Civil War was a war between the Americans and the English?

No - the English had nothing to do with the American Civil War.

Who ruled the English Civil War?

Wars are usually named after the winner of that war. Due to the fact that the war is called the English Civil War the English won the war.

Why did the Revolution begin with the english civil war and the french revolution?

The question is unanswerable unless the particular revolution is specified.

Who led the English Civil War?

King Charles 1st led the English Civil War.

When did English Civil War happen?

English Civil War happened on 1642-08-22.

When did First English Civil War happen?

First English Civil War happened in 1642.

When did Third English Civil War happen?

Third English Civil War happened in 1649.

What was the English Civil War of the 1400 known as?

War of the Roses was the civil war, it can be confused with the Hundred Years War, but the Hundred Years war had to do with England and France which is not civil to the English.

When did the Civilwar begin?

Which Civil War?

Who was first monarch after English Civil War?

The first monarch after the English Civil War was Charles II.

When did Second English Civil War happen?

Second English Civil War happened in 1648-02.

What of Parliament in the English Civil War were called What was the supporters of parliament in the English Civil War called?


What did the Cavaliers fight for in the English Civil War?

Cavaliers fought for the Monarchy during the English Civil War

What wars are similar to the English Civil War?

the american civil war

English Civil War?

the English civil war all started by Charles I ( Charles Stuart )The English Civil War was a war between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians that lasted from 1642 to 1649. The result was a Parliamentarian victory.

Who was the English Civil War against?

A civil war is a war between factions in the samecountry.The English Civil war was a war between the royalists(supporters of the king) and parliamentarians(supporters of the parliament).

What year did the Civil War begin and end?

The Civil War began in 1861 and lasted to 1865.

Did they use bayonets in the English Civil War?

yes they did have bayonets in the English civil war. They also hadPike men.

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