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When did the German Dance start?


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German Dance first started in the 16th century


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Dance team translates To Dance team in german

waltz is from German that what i read and conformed with my teacher im from LC

A German Folk Dance. Link to it below.

the dance = der Tanz to dance = tanzen

The Waltz evolved from a German dance known as "Lander", and it became famous is Vienna, Australia in 1776.

it is called folk dance.

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No.. the Waltz is a Ballroom dance from Germany.. so it's a German dance..

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I think the Germans did i have a project since I'm German and you have to include the German dance in my project and I've watched some videos polka dance and its a traditonal dance in Germany so I think so?

Allemande means the feminine adjective for German in French so I suppose that it can describe a German dance.

German folk dancing,polka dance,German clap dancing

The Waltz was born as an Austro-German folk dance known as the Landler, which was characterized by the rotating movements of partners dancing together. The music of Johann Strauss helped to popularize the Waltz. So to answer simply yes.. the Waltz is a German dance!!

Waltz, in English but in German it is drehen/walzen

Will you go to the dance with me = Gehst Du mit mir zum Tanz

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