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When did the Germans come to America?

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Germans come to America in 1903 how did Germans travel to America?

By a ship.

When did Germans come over to America?

Germans started coming to America in the 1880s homie

When did Germans first come to America?

Germans migrated to America during the 1600's and the 1700's. Pennsylvania was one of the first states that Germans settled in.

What year did the Germans come to America?

they came in 1700

Why did most Germans come to America?

because Hitler drove the Jews away from Germany

What did the Germans bring to America?

what did the Germans bring to America? what are they most famous for?

Who are the Germans and poles?

Germans come from Germany. Poles come from Poland.

Why were the Germans accepted in America?

The Germans accepted in America because America won lots of wars and beateed German before and America gave some sayings.

Why did the Germans come to the US?

they came because they didnt want any buisness in the military/war. and America is i like pop

When did America come into the war?

if your talking about ww1...they came in a year after the Germans sank the passenger liner the lusitania that had Americans on board

Why did Germans come to America in 1683?

To seek relief from poverty and famine. See this website:

Where were the Germans turned back as they drove their tanks in North America to the east?

The Germans did not invade North America during WWII.

How did Germans get to America?

By ship probably.

Who brought dachshunds to America?

The Germans

Were the Germans in America hated during World War 2?

Probably most Germans were hated. But them USA Germans might not have!

How many German's came to America?

100,000 Germans came to America.

Why did the Germans surrender in North America?

They didn't invade North America.

How did the Germans travel to America?

because ship

Who brought the ground hog to America?

The Germans

Why were Germans drawn to north America?

they were bored

Germans immigrated to America?

Germans have always immigrated to the country, but the major wave started in the 1820s.

Why did the Germans come to Canada?

to farm but also because Canada is the largest country in north America is why the polish came Germans who came to canada were seeking better lives then what they had over in germany. War broke out. Food was scare.

Where do all the Germans come from?


What Country Did The Germans Come From?


What country do Germans come from?