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When did the Great Depression end in Australia?

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The Gret Depression ended in the early months of 1932.

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When did the Great Depression in Australia end?

It ended in 1932 a slow recovery after that till 1939

What did Hoover do to try and end the Great Depression?

Hoover did nothing to end the great depression.

How should you end your Great Depression story?

How about "And that was my story on the great depression."

What was not affected by the Great Depression in Australia?


How did World War 2 affect Australia?

Australia went to war against the Japanese and women took mens jobs helping end the Great Depression

What made the great depression end?

The 2nd World War ended the Great Depression.

How were the factories affected during the Great Depression in Australia?

During the Great Depression, hundreds of factories in Australia were closed. In South Australia alone, approximately 30 percent of the workforce did not have regular work.

How were Australians affected by the Great Depression?

The Great Depression had a devastating effect on Australia with massive unemployment and hardship for most of the country.

Did the war end the depression?

The great depression was started due to the fact of the fall of stock prices but the Depression had started very shortly after the end of The Great Depression. The Great depression had ended because of so many companies established by the United States to help the people.

When did black Tuesday end?

the end of the Great Depression 1939

Positive outcomes of the great depression in Australia?

peace and happiness

When did the Great Depression end and start?

The Great Depression began in October of 1929 and ended in December of 1941.

How did the great depression finally come to an end?

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What brought Australia out of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was deemed ended in Australia when the US joined in WWII in 1941. this helped because the growing need for artillery, fire power and armies created mopre jobs and companies in Australia. also the Wall Street stock market which had been the reason for the Great Depression was recovering.

Did the great deal end the great depression and restore prosperity?


What are the main reasons for the Great Depression's end?

One main reason the Great Depression ended is because World War II came to an end. The Great Depression began in 1929.

What did president Hoover do to end the Great Depression?

President Hoover did nothing to end the Great Depression, which continued well into the administration of Franklin Roosevelt; it is generally agreed by historians that while Roosevelt's New Deal did help to end the Great Depression, it was really WW II which ended it.

Jackrabbits caught during the depression were called?

In Australia rabbits were called "underground chicken" during the great depression

During the Great Depression did school played an important role?

It did big time. The schools helped the Great depression end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When did the Great Depression Start and end?

The great depression started in october 1929 when the stock market crashed and it ended in 1934.

The new deal did not end the Great Depression?


What event led to the end of the great depression?


When did the drought end during the great depression?


What war helped to end the great depression?


Did the new deal do enough to end the great depression?