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When did the MLB start?

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The MLB started in 1869.

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Q: When did the MLB start?
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When does the MLB season start?

The MLB season usually starts from the beginning of April.

When does MLB post season start?

After the regular season. Hence the word post.

When do the MLB playoffs start?

They start October 4th this year.

On What month does MLB start on?


What month does MLB start?


When does the 2009 MLB season start?

February 27

How many MLB player's names start with I?


How many MLB teams are from Canada?

As of the start of the 2008 season there is one Canadian team in MLB, the Toronto Blue Jays.

What is the record for winning streak to start season in MLB?


What year did Babe Ruth start playing in the MLB?


Which MLB teams will start their 2009 season in japan?


What Major League Baseball team names start with the letter o?

· Oakland Athletics (MLB) · Orioles - Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

When will the MLB World Series 2008 start?

The World Series is set to start Wednesday October 22.

Longest hitting streak to start a MLB season?

Robin Ventura

When does the MLB 2010 season start and end?


What time does the 2009 Major League Baseball draft start?

The 2009 MLB Amateur Draft begins at 6p.m. Eastern time on the MLB Network.

When does the 2009-2010 mlb season start?

April 5th 2010

When will ea sports start making mvp baseball for MLB again?


Pro sports team start with a K?

Kansas City Royals - MLB

When did the 2010 MLB spring training start for the New York Yankees?


When did they start putting cork in baseballs?

A cork core in a baseball was first used in 1910.i think that having cork in a bat in the mlb is a illeagl by mlb rules

Most consective wins to start a MLB season MLB?

The 1982 Atlanta Braves and the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers won thirteen games to open the season.

What MLB team names start with the letter a?

The whole team names that start with A are the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks but the teams' nicknames that start with A are the Astros and the Angels.

What sports teams that start with t?

Timberwolves, NBA; Tigers, MLB; Trail Blazers, NBA; Texans, NFL; Twins, MLB; Terrapins, NCAAB; Thrashers, NHL

When did Jackie Robinson start playing in MLB?

His first season in the major leagues was 1947.