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When did the Marine Corps change the mos of communications from 2500 to 0600?

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2007-08-31 06:11:02

The change from the 2500 field to the 0600 field has been taking

place over the last decade. The only one I can answer for is the

migration of the 2542/4066/065x. When I enlisted in 1998 we had

2542 Comm Center Operators. By 2000 the 2542 MOS had been merged

with the 4066 Small Computer Systems Specialist MOS. In 2002 the

4066 MOS was split into 2 MOSs 0651 and 0656. The 0651 MOS is the

Data Network Specialist while the 0656 is the Tactical Data Network

Server Operator. The rest of the 2500 field joined the 0600 field

when the 2542s joined the 4066 MOS back in 2000.

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