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35,000 B.C.E. It ended in 10,000 B.C.E.

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When did the Paleolithic era end?

about 10,000 years ago

When did the Paleolithic era begin?

35,000 B.C.E. It ended in 10,000 B.C.E.

Was hunting invented during the Paleolithic or neolithic era?

In the paleolithic era.

How were the Neolithic era and Paleolithic era different?

the neolithic era was durring the ice age or when it was cold. the paleolithic era is after the ice age. the paleolithic era also is called the stone age

What is paleolithic in a sentence?

This pictograph from the Paleolithic era has been vandalized beyond repair. The Paleolithic era precedes the Mesolithic.

What came first Neolithic era ice age Paleolithic era mesolithic era?

paleolithic era, Neolithic era , mesolithic era

Did the ice age occur before the Paleolithic era or the Neolithic era?

It happened before the neolithic era. And after the Paleolithic era.

What was the era after the Paleolithic era?

It is called the Mesolithic era.

African art and intellectuals from Paleolithic era?

The truth is that historians know nothing about intellectuals of the paleolithic era.

What is a sentence using PALEOLITHiC?

The Paleolithic era ended with the ice age.

Did paleolithic people drink wine?

Alcoholic drinks were not known in the paleolithic era.

What did paleolithic people drink?

Alcoholic drinks were not known in the paleolithic era.

Use paleolithic in a sentence?

The men in the Paleolithic era didn't have much technology.

What was the culture in the Paleolithic era?

that palethic era is a middle stone

When was the neanderthal man era?


What was the language in the Paleolithic era?


In what era did neanderthal live?


How was Paleolithic Era is characterized by who?


When did Neanderthals live what era?


When was The Paleolithic era was dominated by hunter-gatherers?

I believe that the paleolithic era was dominated by hunter-gatherers about 40,000 years ago

When did renaissance era end begin and end?

began in R and ended in E

What was the most significant defining characteristic of the Paleolithic era?

the Paleolithic made tools and weapons

What year did the classical era begin and end?

1730 to 1820

When did the New Deal era begin and end?

1933-1938 =)

When did the romantic era begin and end?

The romantic era began in 1820 and lasted until 1910.