When did the RCMP start?

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Legislation creating the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) came into effect on February 1, 1920. However, the roots of the RCMP go back more than 50 years prior to that date.

The creation of the RCMP involved merging the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) with the Dominion Police.

The RNWMP had originally been created on May 23, 1873. The Dominion Police were created on 22 May 1868, as a result of the amalgamation of the Western Frontier Constabulary and the Montreal Water Police (a mounted force). Both had been established in pre-Confederation days, the Constabulary in 1864 and the Water Police in 1849.
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How long is rcmp training and is there any pay?

Answer . RCMP training is 24 weeks, and is done at the training depot in Regina Saskatchewan. Its cost around 4,600 (roughly) in expenses for training. They actually just started to pay their cadets. Its about $500 per week, this is fairly new only a few month old. Althought the total income o ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the RCMP uniform?

The uniform originates from the British cavalry.. The red serge (coat). Blue breeches (pants) with the yellow stripe down the pant leg.. High Brown Boots (horse riding boots)

How much RCMP earn?

Starting as a regular member constable at an annual salary of $47,393. Normally, within 36 months of service, your salary will increase incrementally to $77,944 annually. The base salary does not include shift differentials, statutory holiday pay and overtime pay which can increase an RCMP office ( Full Answer )

Why does the RCMP not serve Ontario and Quebec?

Actually, the RCMP does serve Ontario and Quebec on federal police matters; the RCMP serves as provincial or territorial police for those provinces and territories that want this service--it just so happens that Ontario and Quebec have their own separate provincial police forces, whereas the other p ( Full Answer )

What things does the RCMP do?

The RCMP takes care of food inspections. -Town help ect. - drug busts. - animal cruilty. -ECT. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY DO WHAT REGUALR COPS DO!. =]

How much money does a rcmp officer make?

Regular Member Constable starts at an annual salary of $47,393. Normally, within 36 months of service, your annual salary will have increased incrementally to $76,792.

Who is the head of the RCMP?

William Elliot is the Commissioner of the RCMP. He is also the first non sworn police officer to become the Commissioner of the Force .

Why does the RCMP wear red?

To find the answer, you have to look at the roots of the RCMP. The RCMP chose red (years ago) as their uniform colour because they DID NOT want to look American. There was a group of Americans who wore blue uniforms and they killed the natives. So to be the total opposite, they chose red

What is the History of the RCMP?

The RCMP did a lot of important things and some good websites are: www.rcmphistory.ca http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Canadian_Mounted_Police#Modern_era www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca www.members.show.ca/kcic1/rcmp.html www.rcmp-learning.org/history/history_mod4.htm

What attire does an RCMP Officer wear?


How many people are in the RCMP?

There are a little under 30, 000 sworn and civilian members, and municipal employees that make up the RCMP. The breakdown in rank is as follows. There are about 19, 000 sworn members with the majority of those at the rank of Constable. There are about 12, 000 Constables, 3, 500 Corporals, 2, 000 Se ( Full Answer )

What do RCMP officers do?

Rcmp officers inforce the law and if any one breaks it the take them away to inshure the safety of other people

Where did the name RCMP came from?

conception: Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister and Minister of Justice * inspiration: the Royal Irish Constabulary and the mounted rifle units of the United States Army * objective: to bring law, order and Canadian authority to the North-West Territories (present-day Alberta and Sa ( Full Answer )

Is the NWMP part of the RCMP?

The North West Mounted Police were granted the prefix "Royal" by King Edward VII in 1904. On February 1, 1920, the Royal North West Mounted Police was merged with the Dominion Police on thereby creating the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Why was the name NWMP changed to RCMP?

The NWMP was established in 1873 to patrol and assert sovereignty on Canada's new North West. In 1919 Parliament voted to merge the NWMP with the Dominion Police, a federal force that provided policing services to eastern Canada. As a result, the new organisation was called the RCMP.

What does the RCMP uniform stand for?

The RCMP stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They aresometimes referred to as the "Mounties," and are known for theirbright red uniforms.

Where are the RCMP located?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the National Police Force of Canada. It is, litterally, located everywhere in Canada. It's National Headquarters are located in Ottawa, in the Barhaven District. The RCMP is then divised in 5 Regions and have its own "HQ": "Pacific (Vancouver), North-West(Edmon ( Full Answer )

What is considered full pension for rcmp officer?

RCMP officers can receive full pension after 25 years of service.After 20 years the pension can collected with a penalty. Themaximum amount caps off after 35 years.

Who much money does a RCMP inspector Rank Make?

An RCMP Inspector rank is the first rank of the commissioned officers. Base pay is approximately $117,000 and there is also an additional performance bonus and risk pay. RCMP officers also have one of the best benefits and pension package in Canada.

How many mounties in the RCMP?

The RCMP, also known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, are thenational and federal police force of Canada. They were founded onDecember 1, 1920 and have a force of about 28,640 officers. Theyare also known as Mounties.

What is the role of the RCMP?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada's national police force. They enforce federal law and investigate criminal activity throughout Canada. In addition, they provide local policing in many smaller cities and rural areas that don't have separate, local police forces.

Are the RCMP corrupt?

Not especially. The Royal Canadian Mounties are likely no more or less corrupt than any other law enforcement agency.

Yearly salary of RCMP in Canada?

As a cadet in the academy you receive $500 a week. After that you get $46,003 annually as a regular constable. After three years, the salary is increased to $74,539 a year.

Can you join the rcmp if you are bankrupt?

Whilst bankruptcy, in se, does not disqualify, a credit check is part of the background check, and any serious issues would be part of the qualification interviews after the IRL. Certainly, personal finances are enquired and consitute part of the evaluation process.

What must you do to become a RCMP?

you can apply by resume or attend a career presentation. you need to be atleast 19 years old, and have a highschool diploma or equivalent, you need to be able to pass a physical test, and a lie detector test, they check your background to make sure you have no criminal records or offences. if you pa ( Full Answer )

What are the wages for the RCMP?

well i was reading up on wages and there is aprox. 8765 hours in a year, and the beginning wage for a rcmp 44513 dollars Canadian in the first 36months after that you become a constable plus, witch earns a tottal of 72125 dis-encluding overtime and higher staff etc. rankings

Was the RCMP in the world wars?

Yes, they helped the war effort by arresting enemy spies, tracking escaped prisoners, and helping protect Canada's coast from submarines. (If your asking if they fought in the World Wars, then No)

What divisions are there in the RCMP?

The RCMP is divided into East, West and National Headquarters. East and West are comprised of 2 Regions each. West has the Pacific and North West Regions while East has the Central and Atlantic Regions. The 14 divisions fall with the Regions as follows: East Atlantic B Division - Newfoundlan ( Full Answer )

Who produces RCMP figurines in Midland Ontario?

First Choice Collectables manufactured rcmp figurines. their current address is in Mississauga. http://cgi.ebay.com/RCMP-Mountie-GRC-Collectable-Figurines-NIB-NR-/390147780441?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item5ad69eaf59 Like these? hope this helps.

What did the RCMP do during the New Caledonia gold rush?

The New Caledonia gold rush occurred in 1858. The North West Mounted Police (the forerunner of the RCMP) was not formed until 1873. The RCMP was not able to do anything during the New Caledonia gold rush because the RCMP had not even been created yet.

Is the rcmp considered post secondary education?

The RCMP provides recruits with training that does not result in a post-secondary credential, so it's not generally considered to be post secondary education. Many post secondary institutions, however, now have a prior learning assessment process which gives some recognition towaords such training p ( Full Answer )

What is a RCMP?

Royal Canadian mounted police, they are Canada's national police force fore every province except Ontario and Quebec

What is the rcmp hat called?

It was originally designed and made by John Stetson in the 1870s.Called 'the Boss of the Plains' at that time.

Does the RCMP have a Homicide Squad?

Yes, they're called the RCMP Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, IHIT. See the link below for more information.

Which department of the rcmp is like the FBI?

I'm not 100% on this, but I beleive that the rcmp has specializedunits that tackle homicide, drug smugling, etc.While you have tostart as a cop in the rcmp, the fbi hires special agents thatimediatley tackle federal crime. The US also has the DEA and ATF. Iprefer US law enforcement.

How does the RCMP show Canadian identity?

There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations each with many cultures and their own identity. One of those Nations include Ontario who saw Western Canada as their own. When those living in Western Canada rebelled against colonization by Canada many people in Ontario to ( Full Answer )

Why is the RCMP one of Canada's symbols?

Because the RCMP, previously known as the RNWMP and the NWMP, were the paramilitary arm of the Confederation. Without them Canada would not have been able to take over Western Canada. After 1919, their role expanded and their name changed to RCMP and they became Ottawa's police force all across th ( Full Answer )

What horse breed is used by RCMP?

There is no set breed that they use. The RCMP use a 'type' of horse chosen for it's conformation, color, and temperament.

How are RCMP officers important to Canada?

The RCMP, formally known as the NWMP, were fundamental to Canada taking control of Western Canada and suppressing rebellions from the locals in Canadian colonies. Today they represent the Federal government in many regions of Canada keeping the peace and serving regions that are too small to have th ( Full Answer )

Does applying for the RCMP require a screen test?

To enter the highest level of Canadian security, the "RCMP", individuals are required to take a screen test, medical information from birth to current, skills test, intelligence test, and a PRAT PARE interview. It is advised to visit the RCMP website to learn more about application.