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When did the Renaissance approximately begin and end?


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In Italy, especially central and northern Italy, the Renaissance had started by 1350. It didn't extend to Northern Europe till perhaps 1480 or so. Nowadays, many historians talk about 'the extended Renaissance period' meaning about 1400 to 1700. Renaissance happened between the centuries 14 and 17 in Italy at the beginning and then Europe. It affected the lives of millions and changed the way people were thinking.

A+LS from about 1300 to 1600 AD


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It began around 1400 and ended around 1600.

The renaissance started in 1350 and ended in 1550

When did the Renaissance end"The Renaissance ended in the 1300's"And no The Renaissance did not begin in the 1300's so please stop putting that., Its just wrong ok?

The Renaissance never really ended. Instead, it paved the way for the Scientific Revolution to begin and in some areas, brought religious doctrines to an end.

The Renaissance did not begin in Germany. It began in Italy.

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It began in approximately 5500BC and ended in 30BC.

Yes, Florence was the epicenter of the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was approximately 1350-1550

USA is the best country that begin the renaissance from last many years.

the renaissance started on the 1400s.It started in florence.

The Renaissance is usually thought to cover the end of the 14th century until the early 17th century. In other words, approximately 1475 through 1700.

the renaissance began in the 14th century and ended in the 17th century

The city that the Renaissance began in is Florence. Florence was called the cradle of the renaissance because it was where it began.

The city most often cited as the birthplace of the Renaissance is Florence.

The Renaissance began in Northern Southern London in the late 1500

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The Renaissance began in Italy in the 14h Century AD.

Renaissance art began during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance art period began in 1150 and lasted until about 1600.

In Florence in the 14th century :)

In European history, the Renaissance ended about 1600.

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