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When did the Soviet Union finally declare war on Japan?

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Russia declared war on Japan on August 8, 1945 and immediately attacked into Japanese held Manchuria.

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The Soviet Union (Russia) did NOT declare war on Japan until 1945.

The US and Soviets were allies. If we were attacked they would help us and vice versa.

USSR was part of the Allies, but mostly because Japan was spreading and their empire was becoming a threat to the USSR

The soviet Union was not neutral during World War 2, it was part of the Allied forces.

Stalin promised that the Soviet Union would declare war against Japan.

The Soviet Union announced that it would declare war on Japan several times, but Stalin continued to delay the actual declaration. This ultimately led to the upsetting of the US and its allies.

Declare independence from the Soviet Union.

which of these countries was most related japan ,italy,soviet union,or china

LITHUANIA was the first of the Soviet Republics to declare independence and did so on March 11, 1990.

The soviet union declared war on Japan and simultaneously invaded both Manchuria and the northern island of Japan.

Italy Japan and The Soviet Union

Germany and Italy were socialist governments. The Soviet Union was communist and Japan was Imperialistic.

The Allied Army was pleading with the Soviet Union to help them in the war against Japan, but Stalin wasn't convinced. Finally, at the Tehran conference in 1943, the Soviet Union decided they would not enter the war against Japan until the Allied Army defeated Nazi Germany.

Germany invaded the USSR after it conquered Poland.

Japan, Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

They joined the allies when Germany started invading the USSR ( soviet union)

The Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact with Japan, and were quite busy fighting the Germans after the June 22, 1941 invasion.

The Soviet Union (Russia) and Germany invaded Poland; not Japan.

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