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When did the TV come to England?

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November 01, 2010 8:55AM

Television didn't "come" to England as such. The world's first working television was developed and demonstrated in England by a Scot called John Logie Baird. He showed his first working system to the public in March 1925 at a London department store called Selfridges.

After more develpment work, Baird agreed a deal with the BBC who began public broadcasts from their London studio in 1929. Although they were largely experimental, it was a regular broadcast and people who had a television could tune into the broadcasts.

Baird's system used a rotating disc to create an image. In 1936, the BBC adopted a new, fully electronic system of television. This service continued until 1939 when the outbreak of the Second World War caused television broadcasting to cease. It resumed shortly after the end of the war and has continued since.