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What is meant by a balloon payment on a lease car?

A balloon payment refers to the last payement you make on a car that you got as a long term lease. At the end of the lease you can either make a balloon payment and buy the car, or you return the car.

If lease is discounted for one time payment can that income be amortized for tax purposes over life of lease?

This will depend on your accounting method that you use. If you are a cash basis business, then it is recognized when lease payments are received. If accrual, you could justify amortizing the payment but I cannot imagine why you would want to. I am assuming you are lessor in your question and not the lessee. If you are the one leasing the property, you cannot take a deduction for a lease payment you did not make.

Where can one go to auto lease a vehicle?

You can lease a car from most dealerships. You can only lease new vehicles and not every vehicle is available to be leased. To lease a car you simply make a small down payment. Usually less than 20% of the cars value. Then you make monthly payments for the rest of the lease. When the lease expires you have to return the car.

Why did Roosevelt ask Congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act?

The Lend-Lease act was a treaty of sorts that granted the United States the ability to lease to the Allied Nations materials needed for the war. This proposal was met with great disapproval by Congress and President Roosevelt had a hard time selling his point. He believed however that this act would make America the "arsenal of Democracy".

Where can I find a car lease calculator online?

There are many car lease and car loan payment calculators available online. Often, dealers make these available on their websites however if they do not, you can find one on www.carpaymentcalculator.net/

What exactly is a lease Toyota matrix?

A lease is kind of like a rental for a long period of time. You make a down-payment for the car that you would like (in this case, the Toyota Matrix) and then make monthly payments for a period of time (1,3, 5 years) and then return the car to the dealership after that period of time or buy out the lease.

Who do renters make a lease agreement with?

Renters make a lease agreement with a landlord.

How do you make a payment?

i want to make a payment

Review Your Rent Lease Agreement Before Leasing Space?

When you are renting or leasing space for your business, draw up a rent lease agreement that will spell out the exact terms of your lease. Your commercial lease should include information on the length of the lease, how the space will be used, and the final monthly price of the lease. The lease should also include provisions for utility bills, taxes and insurance, if applicable. Have an attorney review your rent lease agreement to ensure there are no surprises down the line. Spell out any stipulations that you would like the lessor to make, such as reduced rent for the first six months of the lease. When preparing your rent lease agreement, make sure you review it thoroughly to avoid surprises.

In runescape what items can you lend?

You can lend anything that cannot be eaten, used to make something (Such as nails)

Do you make payment plans ?

Do you make payment plans

What is the difference between finance lease and installment paying?

When you enter into a retail installment sales contract for the purchase of a vehicle, your down payment and your monthly payments go toward the total purchase price of your vehicle. When you have paid off the financing, you own your car. When you lease a vehicle, you make payments to use the vehicle over the term of your lease. However, you don't own your car. At the end of your lease, you return it to the lessor.

How much money does a car salesman make on a 3 yr lease?

how much does a car saleman make on a lease

What can you do if you cant make your car payment and any future payments?

what can you do when you cant make a car payment what can you do when you cant make a car payment

Do you keep paying rent to your landlord being never received lease?

If you are living in the apartment then you should continue to pay the rent. Make certain to pay by by check so that you have proof of payment.

Is the word payment a verb?

"Payment" is a noun. In the sentence "You make a payment" the verb is "make". The verb most closely related to "payment" is "pay."

Can you Sell a house under a lease?

The owner can sell a house under a lease, but the buyer must either honor the terms of the lease or make an offer to get the tenant to break the lease.

Do you say do a payment or make a payment?

The correct way to is to say "make a payment." Your action isn't doing anything besides actually making said payment, so "doing a payment" would be incorrect. To use it correctly in a sentence, an example of this would be "I need to hurry up a make a payment before my landlord takes my apartment away from me."

How do I get to the Aarons lease payment website go to that site and tells no where to go to make payment?

www.shopaarons.com/vip you will need your paycode from your monthly or weekly statement that they mail to you. It can be found in the top right corner of the statement. Or you can call the store and get the paycode from a manager. 61a5034a *Update 12/24/2009* Aaron's have improved their website. You don't have to call for your quickcode to make your payment, they actually have a button to retrive it now. www.shopaarons.com/vip

How do you get paid if you own mineral rights?

The only way to make money from your mineral rights is if an oil company wants to lease them to drill and then you make more money if they drill a producing well or if you sell them. The company leasing the mineral rights will arrange payment, usually by check, depending upon the lease agreement which is signed by the owner of the mineral rights and the leasing company.

Can collectors make you pay?

No. Debt collectors contracted by the owner of the debt to contact the debtor for payment. In most cases they will say anything and harass you into make a payment. Depending on how their payroll works- If you do make a payment, they get a comission on the payment you make.

Things To Consider With Your Business Lease?

If you are going to lease a business space, then you need to make sure that your lease has the right things in it. The most important thing in your business lease is knowing who can terminate the lease and under what circumstances that can be done. Make sure that you are protected and that you can end the lease if certain things take place. Likewise, make sure that the other party cannot just end your lease arbitrarily. Having these protections in your business lease will give you the security that you need to do business. Without this information, you will struggle to run your business the right way. Be sure that you understand every little detail that is in the lease.

Does excepting payment make a contract?

No but accepting payment does.

How do you use payment in a sentence?

I have to make a payment on my mortgage.

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