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When did the USA join the Allies of World War II?

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The USA joined the Allies of World War 2 on December 8 1941, a day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

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What threat encouraged the us to join the allies in World War I?

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

Why did britan join world war 2?

They wre allies of the affected

How did Italy join World War 1?

They're allies went to war, and drug them in to WW1. :)

Did England join Allies during World War I?

England was in World War 1 long before America decided to join the Allies. France, The United Kingdom and Russia were the Entente Powers (the Allies) at the beginnng of the war in 1914. Italy joined them in April 1915 and America joined them in 1917.

Were The Philippines and Japan allies in world war 2?

No, the Philippines were allies of USA

Did Berlin join the Allies side in World War 2?

I'm in Y5 but I do yr 7 work so: yes, berlin did join the Allies in WW2 in 1941

Who join world war 2 with Britain?

France joined on the Allies side with Britain.

When did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

1941, after Hitler invaded Russia.

Why didn't France join the Allies in World War 2?

France was part of the allies , France and England jointly declared war on Germany Sept1/1939

Who were canada's allies in world war 2?

Now you would think the USA but they were not official allies until 1943. Britain, India, Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia were first to join Canada in declaring war against Germany.....OK maybe we and the other allies joined Britain to defeat Germany and save the world but we were allies all the same.

Did USA fight Russia in a world war?

No, they were allies in WWII.

Who were Britain's allies in World War 1?

Britain's allies for the second world war were France, Russia and the USA. They all were part of the triple entente.

Top 5 allies of World War II?

The top five allies in World War 2 are the USSR, USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

How did the germans prepare for war?

after world war one the allies put how big there battle ships and military vehicles could be. The allies or the us did not join because they thought they war peace full but the British were allies with the French when Hitler declared on France UK had to join. They were already damaged world war one but the America wasn't. The main reason we joined the war is because the Japanese attacked us and they were allies with Germany

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