When did the US army start?

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What started the roman army?

The Roman army, like all other ancient armies was started because of a need for defense. From a defensive organization, armies grew to offensive bodies in order to secure their lands and wield power over others.

How and when did the army start?

Armies have been around for thousands of years. It is therefore difficult to say when and where they started

Who started the Salvation Army and why?

The Salvation Army was started by former Methodist lay preacher William Booth, and his wife.. Lack of work for lay preachers led him to open-air evangelising on the English streets and Kennington common. In 1851 Booth joined the Wesleyan Reform Union, but when his repeated requests for more time fo ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of the us army?

If an Officer, you can resign. If enlisted, you would have to give 'GOOD' cause for seeking discharge. Help support family. Take care of elderly parent(s). OR confess to drug usage, criminal behavior, mental illness, homosexual activity, etc, etc, etc. All of which you would have to prove. Enlist ( Full Answer )

How did the army start?

The army is most probably an evolved form of warriors or males in early tribe settings. An army however is usually contolled by the state.

When did army charge of quarters start?

CQ's have existed since armies have existed. A CQ is part messenger, part sentry; he guards the quarters in the absence of the troops.

When did the continental army start?

The Continental Army was formed on June 14, 1775. It wasestablished by a resolution of the Continental Congress. The armywas supported by local militias.

When does army wives start?

As of 2014 there are not any new seasons of Army Wives in theworks. This Lifetime series was canceled in 2013.

When did US Army start using crossed rifles insignia?

Answer . Good question. The uniforms of the American Revolution were very plain and there was little to no military branch identification insignia on the tri-corner hat. From the period of the War of 1812 until the Civil War (1861-1865), the United States Army Infantry regulations called for a bugl ( Full Answer )

When did the first armies started using handheld guns?

Around the 1730's and they started using the 1 shot rifles around the 1740's I do not know the definitive answer but armies were using guns in Elizabethan I times (1533) so the above answer must be wrong. Look up Arquebus and then http://www.answers.com/topic/hand-cannon It depends upon whether o ( Full Answer )

What does the US army do?

The US Army defends the United States and they help there allies they have control of the whole USA but of course to us there our freedom!

Who is better the US Army or the British Army?

The answer depends on what you mean by "better". If by "better" you mean "what would happen if you dropped a unit from the British Army in a field with a similar unit from the US Army and made them fight it out, who would win?," many would give a very slight lead to the British. More specifically, t ( Full Answer )

When did armies start using the crossbow?

Well they were around when Richard I Lionheart was killed by one in 1199, but I don't think they were at Hastings in 1066, so that narrows it down to 130 years or so..... & then I look it up to find that the Chinese had them... wait for it, in the 5th century BC !!!

Why did he start the salvation army?

Assuming by 'he' you mean William Booth: Because the other denominations did not help the poor enough, in fact most of them still charged for the best seats. Booth stater the Salvation Army for these people.

When did the salvation army start?

The Salvation Army's beginnings date back to 2 July 1865 when a Methodist minister named William Booth began preaching to and helping the poor and underprivileged in London. By 1867 it had developed into a ministry offering basic schooling, reading rooms, penny banks, soup kitchens, and relief aid ( Full Answer )

What is the US Army?

The US Army is tasked with the military operations based on theland. This is the main arm of the Armed Forces of the UnitedStates.

How many armies are in the US army?

The United States Army works as a single military force, and is not split up into smaller 'armies'. Rather, the Army is split up into companies, which are groups of platoons sent on a particular mission. A platoon consists of squads, which are made up of a handful of individuals. There are sometimes ( Full Answer )

British army vs us army?

ofough it Thats a subjective question.Hence,your countrys Army is the best in the World. However,the US Army is the best equipped in the World.They also have the best kill ratio thanks to their wide arsenal of killing machines.It's a know fact:The US Army has the World largest airforce to back t ( Full Answer )

When did the Roman army start?

The traditional date for the foundation of Rome is 753 BCE. As a city, it had its citizen militia to defend it and its lands, so its army dates from then. Whether 753 is accurate we don't really know but archeological evidence supports something like this. There is evidence of earlier villages on ( Full Answer )

Did the Methodist start the Salvation Army?

Well in a sense. The founder William Booth was a Methodist preacher originally. But The Salvation Army is a Protestant church or more specifically Wesleyan Protestant.

Who started the Salvation Army?

William Booth He started iout by preaching outside a pub in London called the Blind Beggar, he would stand there telling people about God and Jesus. He was a truly remarkable man.

When did the British army start?

The British Army came into being with unification of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.

Did the british army hate the US army?

It's a rather unspecific question. It is probably fair to say they didn't get on when they opposed each other, namely in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812! But they fought as close allies in both world wars, once America chose to join those conflicts. And while there were of course rivalries ( Full Answer )

When did the US Army start using the M-16?

The Ia Drang battle in Vietnam (1965) was it's first large combat test. See film: "We Were Soldiers..." Ia Drang was an experimental engagement involving "Airmobile" units, the new "UH-1 Iroquois" helicopter (commonly referred to as the "Huey"), and the new M-16 Assault Rifle (commonly referred to a ( Full Answer )

Does the army use Swiss army knife?

Yes the army does use Swiss army knives. The Swiss army issues a model called "Soldatenmesser 08" to all new recruits. Try googling for "Soldatenmesser 08".

How do you start a warhammer 40k army?

Choose an army: Then have a look at games workhop online have a look at your team and order your stuff! Space marines Witch Hunters Tau Empire Eldar Dark eldar Chaos Space marines( Space marines g ( Full Answer )

Was the Marines started from the Army?

No. The Continental Congress established the Marine Corps as a separate service to provide Naval Infantry for duty aboard Naval Ships and Naval shore installations. Most early enlistment was made among merchant seamen and General Washington refused to allow his troops to become a part of such a forc ( Full Answer )

How big was the us army at the start of World War 2?

World War II in Europe is generally agreed to have begun when Nazi tanks rolled into Poland on September 1, 1939. It would be another 27 months before the US entered the war. On September 3, 1939, the US Army got a new commanding general when George C. Marshall was sworn in as the new Chief of Staff ( Full Answer )

Who started the red army?

The Red Army, was started by Vladimir Lenin who wanted to conver the Russian government into Karl Marx's principles. It started as a communist militia, who overthrew the Russian monarchy and the Russian provisional government. Eventually becoming the Soviet Union's official military force.

What should you start with in a tau army?

A commander (Ethereal or Crisis Suit, whichever you prefer) A squad of Firewarriors A squad of Kroot Carnivores Maybe a Devilfish, Drone squad, and/or Pathfinder Team if you have enough cash to burn And the Codex

Who started the Nazi army?

Adolf Hitler. Answer The Nazis (National Socialists) were not an army. They were a political party, and Adolf Hitler did not start it. Hitler joined the Nazis and climbed his way to the top. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and in 1935 he disposed of Ernst Rohm who was his last seri ( Full Answer )

When was the American army started?

Its generally agreed that the Army's birthday was June 14, 1775. That day the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the force then keeping the British penned in Boston. That force was loosely amalgamated as the New England Army, and consisted of militia units which had flocked to the area after ( Full Answer )

Where did salvation army start?

East end of London, England in 1865 by a former pawnbroker's apprentice, William Booth along with his wife, Catherine Booth. It was initially known as the East London Christian Mission.

Who was the general in chief of the us army when the civil war started and developer of the anaconda plan?

General Winfield Scott - a most distinguished soldier who was far too old for the job. He was one of the few leaders who realized that it would be a long war, and his 'Anaconda' plan - slowly squeezing the life out of the Confederacy - was very sound, and also very similar to the plan that the Unio ( Full Answer )

Can China's army beat the us army?

Soldier for soldier, it's doubtful that the PLA would outperform the US Army. As for the question, it's much more complicated. China has the world's largest standing army, but it is geared for defence, rather than force projection. Thus, if China were to try invading the US mainland, it would most ( Full Answer )

Can the Chinese army beat the us army?

Well that all depends like the US has lots of allies that could help like Australia UK New Zealand and so on. it also depends on where they battle like if it was US invading China or China invaded the US but over all America would win with all it's allies and weaponry. Such a confrontation would ( Full Answer )

What army had the initial advantage at the start of the US Civil War?

The Union had the advantage because of a larger population and greater industrialization (with which to manufacture weapons). The Confederacy, as it happened, had a more disciplined military force, but that advantage was not enough to overcome the advantages of the Union (although it was enough to g ( Full Answer )

Who better US Army or British Army?

The answer to this question is and will always be biased. Your country will allways be the best. America is one of the most well know and most reputable military forces in the world. But its not the best trained. The UK is less equip but better trained. For example a us marine is trained for 12 wee ( Full Answer )

Why salvation army started?

It was started to raise money for the weak and poor and fundraise for children who have problems.

When did the us army start using the m4?

Colt was manufacturing it since 1986, and a handful of select units received them. The US Army "officially" adopted it and gave it the nomenclature of M4 in 1994.

How do you start an army m577?

The M577 is essentially an M113 with an extended roof. They were produced with diesel and petrol engines. They start basically the same except with the diesel you need to turn on the ignition and wait about 15 seconds before you attempt to start the engine. Turn on the ignition switch and push the s ( Full Answer )

When was the Salvation Army first started?

The Salvation Army was found in 1865 in London by the one-time Methodist minister William Booth. Before becoming known as the Salvation Army the organization was known as the North London Christian Mission.

How did the roman army start and end?

The Roman army started with the foundation of Rome because of the need for defence. It ended with the end of Roman civilisation.