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The US joined the war on the side of the Allies on April 6, 1917.

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When did the Allies first enter World War 2?

they seen a dog and ran and ate it that is how it make us enter the world EAT DOGSS

Why did the US enter World War 1 on the side of Allies?

Sinking of Lusitania, and the Zimmerman Telegram

When did the us enter the war and on which side?

The US entered the war in April of 1917 and were on the Allies side.

In 1945 the US and its allies won what war?

The US and the Allies won World War 2.

What advantage did the us have over the central powers that helped the allies in world war 1?

The US had an amazing capacity for mass production which helped the Allies win World war 2/--The Question concerns WWI It was an economic powerhouse. The war was not fought on American soil, and the US did not enter the war until its troops could tip the balance in favor of the Allies.

How did the attack of the pearl harbor trigger the US to enter world war 2?

the Japanese did it nd then US wanted revenge but japan had its allies

Why did the us enter the world war 1 on the side of the allies?

The Germans sunk 7 US ships, and we intercepted a telegram from Germany that said they planned to attack us.

Who were allies of the US in World War 1?

The main US Allies were the British Empire, the USSR and China.

Why did the US enter World War 1 Late?

In the early 20th century, the US was still largely isolationist as the American people had no appetite for foreign wars. The sinking of the cruise ship Lusitania turned public opinion in favor of war, allowing US leadership to enter World War 1 alongside its allies.

Why did the US enter World War 1 with the allied powers?

One of the main reasons the US entered World War I on the side of the allies was because the Germans had sunk the Lusitania, a passenger ship containing many Americans.

Why did the united states decide to enter the war and fight on the side of the allies in world war 1?

The Unites States entered World War I because German submarines sank several US merchant ships

Who was US at war with in World War 1?

They were against the Germans and their allies called the Triple Alliance. US was with the British and their allies-Triple Entente

What threat encouraged the us to join the allies in World War I?

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

How was the us helping in world war 2?

They helped the Allies win the war.

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