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The first atomic bomb to be detonated was on July 16, 1945, at New Mexico's trinity site. The bomb was called gadget. It was not dropped, but was instead detonated on the top of a 100 foot steel tower.

The first Atomic Bomb (called little boy) dropped was on August 6, 1945 on the city of Hiroshima. The second atomic bomb (called fatman) dropped was on Nagasaki three days later. The United States dropped these bombs on Japan in order to end World War II. Then on August 14, 1945, the Japanese surrendered. Later on September 2, 1945, the Japanese signed the formal instrument of surrender.

A third atomic bomb had been shipped from Los Alamos sometime before August 14, 1945 and arrived in San Francisco on August 18, 1945 to be flown across the Pacific to Tinian. As Japan was already surrendering this bomb was returned to Los Alamos, becoming the first Atomic Bomb in the US nuclear stockpile. Had the war continued this bomb could have been dropped within a day or two of August 25, 1945.

The US had production plans and the industrial infrastructure capable of manufacturing and the bomber aircraft needed to drop on Japan 20 more atomic bombs before the end of 1945 had the war continued. Fortunately for everyone only the first 2 of these 23 bombs were actually needed to bring WW2 to a close.

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Q: When did the United States drop the World's First atomic bomb?
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What country was the first to get the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was created by the United States.

Where were the first atomic bombs made?

In the United States.

Who first owned an atomic bomb?

The United States of America made, and owned, the first atomic bombs.

When the expected results of the first atomic bomb drop did not happen what did the united states do-?

When the expected result of the first atomic bomb did not happen the United States decided to drop another atomic bomb in the city of Kobe.

Which country was atomic bomb first exploded?

United States

What country was the first atomic bomb dropped?

the united states

Who built the first atomic bomb in the world?

The United States was the first and only country to use an atomic bomb in anger.

When and where did the worlds first university establish?

in the U.S.A united states of america ( it is oxford)

What country first made the atomic bomb?

U.S.A. United States of America.

After World War 2 why did the soviet union consider the united States a threat?

The United States was the first country to develop an atomic weapon.

Who was wanting to build the atomic bomb first in world war 2?

united states

What countries were working on atomic bombs during World War 2 Who used atomic bombs in World War 2 Where were atomic bombs used?

Germany and United States where working to make them work. United States got it first and used first on Japan over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

How did the Korean war undeclared war affect the future of the United States?

This was Americas (and the worlds) first major war of the atomic age. It taught the US (and the world) how to fight a limited war (limited to conventional nukes).

Why did the Soviet Union consider the US a threat?

the United States was the first country to develop an atomic weapon.

What happen with the Manhattan Project?

The united states researched, built, tested and created the first atomic weapon.

Which country was the first ever country to use atomic bombs during ww 2?

The United States .

What is the atomic age?

The Atomic Age is the period after the first nuclear attack was launched by the United States against Japan. The bombing changed the political and social atmosphere of the world during the Atomic Age.

Where was the worlds first city-states?

new york

What happened to the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb?

the plane was destroyed by the united states to show no physical evidence of the bombings

Who dropped the first atomic bomb and where was it dropped?

It was dropped by the United States by orders of President Truman over Hiroshima, Japan.

Why did they not drop atomic bomb on Europe?

Atomic bombs were not dropped in Europe because the United States (along with help from England, Canada, and Austrailia) did not complete the first atomic bombs until after Germany surrendered.

What were some roadblocks from making the first atomic bomb in the United states during the cold war?

The first atomic bomb was engineered in WWII, not the Cold War. The Hydrogen Bomb was a Cold War Weapon.

Who dropped the first atomic bomb in World War 2?

The first atomic bomb dropped in World War II was dropped by the United States, on Hiroshima, Japan. The name of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb is Enola Gay, and it was piloted by Colonel Paul Tibbets.

The United States dropped the first atom bomb on which country?

The first atomic bomb ever was tested at Los Alamos research facility, New Mexico. The first atomic bomb to be used in wartime was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.

When was the first atomic bomb dropped?

The first atomic bomb was dropped on August 6,1945. This bomb was dropped on a city in Japan, as a possible solution to end WWII. Following the second atomic bomb dropping in Japan a few days later, the Japanese surrendered, meaning that the United States had won the war. Following their victory, the United States demanded that Japan surrendered Korea in their defeat. Korea was later split into North and South Korea, and North Korea still blames the United States for the separation of the country.