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I'm not sure if this is what you're asking about, but here is a link that might help to answer (or start your search).

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Q: When did the Wolf Point tavern close and why?
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When was Stone Tavern at Roney's Point created?

Stone Tavern at Roney's Point was created in 1922.

How did Wolf Point get its name?

According to one historian; in the early days of Chicago, a point of land jutted out into the river at the junction of the North Branch and the main stem of the Chicago River forming Wolf Point. At this location was a tavern - owned by Elijah Wentworth - with a sign of a wolf on a pole in front. And "The Wolf" was a native American known to the early settlers. . How did the Wolf Point Ballroom, located inside the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza get it's name? Thank You Denise

Where is the Wolf Point Area Historical Society in Wolf Point Montana located?

The address of the Wolf Point Area Historical Society is: 209 E Indian St, Wolf Point, MT 59201-1920

Who why and when did tun tavern burn down?

The Tun Tavern was burned down in 1871 as the American Revolution came to a close. The cause and who did it is unknown but it has been rebuilt as a landmark.

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What is the point of Thomas Paine's story about the tavern keeper at amboy?

One point Thomas Paine is trying to make in the story about the tavern keeper at Amboy is that people shouldn't be selfish. He also makes the point that parents should care about the futures of their children.

What is the point of Paine's story about the tavern keeper at Amboy?

He was disgusted that the tavern owner did not consider his child's interests first when speaking of peace, only thinking of himself.

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When does Great Wolf Lodge close?

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Is a tavern a noun?

Tavern is a noun, yes.

What is the name of homer simson's tavern?

Moe's Tavern

Where is the Roosevelt County Library in Wolf Point located?

The address of the Roosevelt County Library is: 220 2Nd Ave South, Wolf Point, 59201 1599

Where was Brady Canfield born?

Wolf Point, Montana

What is tavern owner mean?

a tasvern owner is a tavern owner

What is a medieval tavern?

A tavern in like a modern-day pub.

What is Moe's Tavern address?

There is no physical address for Moe's Tavern.

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How do you make a tavern in Doodle God?


When was Apple Tavern created?

Apple Tavern was created in 1760.

When was Monroe Tavern created?

Monroe Tavern was created in 1825.

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When was Tun Tavern created?

Tun Tavern was created in 1742.