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The Battle of Brandywine occurred during the American War of Independence, between the U.S. and Great Britain. The battle happened on September 11, 1777.

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Where did the battle of Brandywine take place?

The battle of Brandywine took place in Brandywine. Brandywine is near Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

In which state did the battle at brandywine take place?


When was the Battle of Brandywine Creek?

On October 11th 1777. This is when the Battle of Brandywine took place. The Battle of Brandywine and the the Battle of Brandywine Creek are the same thing.

Who won the battle of Brandywine?

The British troops won the battle of Brandywine.

When did Battle of Brandywine happen?

Battle of Brandywine happened on 1777-09-11.

What year did battle of brandywine end?

the battle of the brandywine ended in 1778. (no other info. sorry peeps)

Why did the battle of brandywine take place?

The Battle of Brandywine took place because General Washington learned that the British were disembarking thousands of troops who planned to take Baltimore and Philadelphia. Washington thought that by defending the high ground along the Brandywine River, he could stop or even defeat the British. However, the British strategy was better and the Americans lost badly. The Americans gave up nearly all their cannon and about 1200 - 1300 men according to General Greene.

How many days did the battle of brandywine last?

The battle of Brandywine only lasted a day if that. It was fought on September 11, 1777.

What year was the battle of brandywine lost?

The Battle of Brandywine took place on September 11, 1777. The British held the field at the end of the day and so was considered a British victory. The American Army retreated to Chester, PA.

Where was the battle of Brandywine fought?


When was the Battle of Brandywine?

On Sept. 11,1777

Thing that happened in Maryland?

The Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Antietam.

How many soldiers were there at the battle of brandywine?

Washington had approximately 12,000 soldiers at his command at the Battle of Brandywine. Howe had approximately 18,000 soldiers at his command.

What was the battle of philadephia?

This battle was actually called the Battle of Brandywine, and it was a British win.

How many died in the Battle of Brandywine?


Who was involved in the battle of Brandywine?

continental army

Who won the battle of brandywine of 1776?

The british

Where is brandywine?

Brandywine is in the state of Pennsylvania. A major battle of the Revolutionary War was waged near the present city.

What colony was the Battle of Brandywine Creek fought in?

The Battle of Brandywine, also known as the Battle of the Brandywine or the Battle of Brandywine Creek, was fought in Pennsylvania between the American army of Major General George Washington and the British-Hessian army of General Sir William Howe on September 11, 1777. The British defeated the Americans and forced them to withdraw toward the rebel capital of Philadelphia. The engagement occurred near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania during Howe's campaign to take Philadelphia, part of the American Revolutionary War.

Why was the battle of Brandywine important?

The battle of Brandywine was important because it caused the colonists to gain confidence because they killed many even though they lost the war.

Which side won the battle of brandy wine?

The british won the battle of brandywine

What battles did Marquis De Lafayette fight in?

Battle of Brandywine Battle of Monmouth

What were the events leading up to the battle of brandywine?


What was the weather like during the brandywine battle?


When did the Battle of Brandywine happen?

September 9 1777

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