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When did the black death occur?

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Black Plague or Bubonic Plague started in Europe around 1347, when the rats came to town. They carried a flea which carried a bacteria called yersinia pestis. There were many out breaks of this disease. 1300's to late 1600's.

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Q: When did the black death occur?
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What year did the black death occur?


What was the black death and where did it occur?

it was a disease palgue from the old century

Is there a proof that the black death exists?

There are historical and medical accounts that the black death very well could have existed and most likely did occur.

Where did black death occur?

The Black Death was an epidemic, believed to be of bubonic plague, that happened throughout all of Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. It came to be called the Black Death much later in Europe.

Where in Europe did the black death occur?

It occured through out the whole continent of Europe.

Did the Black Death occur at any other time?

Yes, in the middle-age.

What problems can occur after drinking white spirits?

black outs and even death

How many different times did the black death occur?

Black Death was spread during 1346 to 1353. It also reoccurred many times there after till 19th century.

At what temperature does death occur?

Death can occur at any temperature.

During what century did the black death occur?

In Europe, during the 14th Century, although there were numerous outbreaks after that.

Can the black death occur in the 21st century?

No. 14-century was an unhealthy,poor educated time compared to 21-century.

What kind of rat spread the black death disease?

black death was spread by black rats. They were hosts of black death.

Was black death also known as cholera?

No, Black Death and cholera are different. Black Death is Plague.

What problems occur when a death certificate remains unsigned?

what problems occur if a death certificate remains unsigned

Why was the black death an important turning point?

The Black Death was a very big changing point in the World History because it killed over 100 million people by the year 1400. And if the Black Death didn't occur the world population would be a lot larger. The Black Death killed around 30-60% of Europe's population and it ended the feudal system. The feudal system was a system that showed who was the highest and most important.

What had a high death toll the spanish flu or the black death?

the black death

Who had the black death?

black death spread in Europe. black death killed 75 to 200 million people.

Could an animal get the black death?

Yes, an animal could get the black death, many animals did get the black death.

How was the Church impacted by the Black Death?

black death caused people to be angry. Church was blamed for black death.

Why did medieval people call the plague the black death?

The plague was called the Black Death for two possible reasons. It was a bad death, and thus "black." The victims developed black buboes before death and quickly turned black after death.

Is black death contagious?

The Black Death was very contagious.

Was the black death epidemic or pandemic?

The black death was epidemic.

When the black death happened?

the black death started in 1347

Did russia get the black death?

yes, black death was spread in whole Europe. Russia also got black death.

Why was the history of black death called black death?

The Black Death struck Europe in 1348, however the term "Black Death" was not used until the 16th Century, when it was coined by Danish & Swedish chroniclers. "Black" is corresponded with 'terrible' and 'dreadful,' and since the plague was terrible and dreadful (Black) and killed lots of people (Death), it came to be known as the Black Death.