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1984 was when Coca-Cola made the switch to no sugar cane and all high fructose corn syrup. However this formula varies in different areas of the world. Ex: In the Caribbean they use sugar cane as an ingredient due to the availability and cheapness of it. It is also hypothesized that the switch in America in 1984 helped raise the number of cased of Diabetes.

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Q: When did the cola industry start using corn syrup?
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When did Pepsi cola start using High Fructose COrn Syrup instead of Sugar?

On November 6, 1984, both Coca Cola and Pepsi announced plans to stop using sugar in soft drinks, replacing it with high-fructose corn syrup.

Why does cola syrup help nausea?

Cola syrup helps with nausea because it has phosphoric acid that helps to sooth the stomach. Drinking flat Coca-Cola as a substitute of cola syrup will have the same effect.

Which year did Coca-Cola start using the Coca-Cola polar bear in advertising?

in 1943.

Is there pig blood in Pepsi?

Of course not. There is cola syrup, artificial color, and corn syrup.

What is coca cola sweetened with?

corn syrup

Was cola syrup used to treat stomachaches?


Was coca cola medicine?

coca cola was a medicine for headaches, but when mixed with syrup, it was a great soft drink.

What is in the Pepsi Cola?

Check the ingredients label. Originally it was made from pepsin, cola nuts, vanilla extracts, and syrup.

What was Coca-Cola used for?

Coca Cola was originally used for cough syrup. It had cocaine in it. Thus the name "Coke".

What is the main ingredient in coca cola after water?

corn syrup.

Does coke contain high fructose corn syrup?

Coca-Cola contains high fructose corn syrup.

When did Coca-Cola start using 16 ounces plastic bottles?

2189 b.C

What is the difference between coca cola and Diet Coke?

coka cola has more corn syrup than diet coke

What are the ingredients of Coca-Cola's syrup mix?


What were the original ingredients in Coca-Cola?

it was a syrup with a highly conctrated mixture

Where do you find coco cola syrup?

At the bottom because it moslty have acid in it

What year did coca cola start using Santa in there advertising?

I think in 1931. i am not so sure.

What type of sugar does Coca-Cola have?

The main source ouf sweetness in Coca-Cola come from high fructose corn syrup.

Is coca cola a homogenous or heterogenous mixture?

coca cola is a homogeneous mixture because the syrup and water are mixed evenly throughout.

What is the biggest industry in the US?


What is Coca-Cola's positioning statement?

the coca cola company is positioned in the the soft drinks industry.

Where is coco cola manfactured?

Coca Cola syrup is manufactured in Atlanta,Georgia. From there it is shipped to many countries all over the world and bottled there.

What is the secret about Coca-Cola?

The secret about Coca-Cola is the formula for its syrup. It is kept in a locked security box inside a bank. Throught the history of Coca-Cola, very few people have ever seen it.

What is the shelf life of Coco cola post mix syrup?

3 to 6 months

Is coca cola a bulk gaining or bulk reducing industry?

It's a bulk-gaining industry.