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The delegates signed the new constitution on September 1787


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he wanted the delegates to sign the constitution to never have wars!!

They didn't sign the constitution because some of them did not agree with it.

in the year of 1787,39 delegates were there to be able to sign the document- the united states constitution

3 delegates didn't sign the constitution because they thought it would give central America too much power.

Because it was benifical to their pooping systems

Pennsylvania had the most signers to the Constitution.

Yes, he was the last person to sign the Constitution. There were 39 delegates that signed the Constitution before him.

No and that is why some delegates didn’t sign the constitution until it was added.

George did not sign the U.S. Constitution because he felt is did not establish a wise and just government. He was one of the three delegates that did not sign.

Actually, 39 delegates signed the Constitution out of the original 55 delegates. A 40th name appears on the Constitution, William Jackson, but he was the secretary, not a delegate. As for why, 16 delegates had left for home by the time the draft was completed. Rhode Island had no delegate sign.

not all of the delegates were willing to sign the constitution

As a solution to this dispute, delegates agreed to what was called the Three-Fifths Compromise.

Elbridge Gerry, George Mason, Edmund Randolph

John, James, and Jacob of Rhode Island

55 attend in it but 39 actually signed it

Shays' Rebellion was the event that prompted delegates to write a new constitution. The rebellion occurred in 1786, and was led by Daniel Shays.

Johnathan Dayton had signed the constitution because he was a young New Jersey politician on the board of delegates. New Jersey, being a smaller state, happened to be satisfied with the results of the Great Compromise.

south carolina, delaware, pennsylvnia, and new hampshire south carolina, delaware, pennsylvnia, and new hampshireVirginia

The delegates motives at the Constitutional Convention was to create a new constitution because the people were not happy with the Articles of Confederation.

39 delegates signed the Constitution, or 71% of the 55 delegates who attended the convention. Most of those who did not sign had left the convention early -- some for personal reasons, and some out of protest.

Rhode Island was not there because it never appointed delegates to attend the Convention.

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