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2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991


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Operation Desert Storm is most commonly known as the Gulf War. The Desert Storm began in January of 1991 and ended at the end of February.

Operation Desert Storm was the codename for the Gulf War. Desert Storm was a war from January 17, 1991 until February 28, 1991. The war was also known under the names Persian Gulf War, First Gulf War, Gulf War 1 or the First Iraq War.

The war of 1990 was Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm is the codename given to the Gulf War. It began on January 17, 1991 and lasted until February 28, 1991. It was led by the U.S. against Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Bush Sr. Desert Storm '91 Bush Jr. Iraqi Freedom '03

Operation Desert Storm was an operation within the Gulf War, which began as a result of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The ostensible motive of Iraq was to reclaim Kuwait which had been excluded from their mandate in 1918, but it placed Iraq in a position to control the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. The Gulf War happened when it did and not earlier due to the ending of the Cold War, and the vacuum created in that area by the collapse of the Soviet Union. The two main operations to counter Iraq were Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Desert Shield was defensive in nature and intended to protect Saudia Arabia and other Gulf States from Iraqi invasion. Desert Storm was an offensive operation to defeat Iraqi forces and put an end to their occupation of Kuwait.

Here's a start: Revolutionary War French Indian War Spanish American War War of 1812 World War I World War II Korean Conflict Vietnam Falkland Islands Desert Shield Desert Storm

It is not known if a Glenn Mark Smith was in the Desert Storm War. However, Mark Smith is an artist who put together a portfolio of desert storm pictures.

desert storm world war I world war II koren war vietnam war ext desert storm world war I world war II koren war vietnam war ext

Over 900,000 coalition military members were deployed to Desert Storm.

Operation Desert Storm began in January,17,1991 and lasted until February,28,1991; However, the Gulf War started August,20,1990. This war was waged by a UN Coalition including the USA against Iraq in response to their invasion on Kuwait.

Which one? There were 3 of them.

Desert Storm! That was the Military's codename for it.

its basically the same thing operation desert storm was just a part of the operation and people prefer to say gulf war, so its your opinion.

Vietnam was a long war against a determined enemy. Desert Storm was a 45 day operation against an un-determined enemy.

CNN Presents - 1993 The Unfinished War The Legacy of Desert Storm was released on: USA: 2002

Operation Desert Storm - 1991

The cold war,The Korean War, Vietnam, War, Desert Storm, and The Iraq war.

Operation Desert Storm began on January 17, 1991; some five and a half months after the war began on August 1, 1990.

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