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The first 78 recording discÊcame out in 1898. This was the speed that was chosen for the phonograph as the earlier music recorders had speeds that started at 60 rpm.Ê

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What band did Dick Katz play for on a 78 recording of Dick's Boogie?

Ray Ellington

What braking options were available on a 1978 Pontiac trans am?

For 78......disc front.....drum rear.

How much is an Al Jolson 78 worth on the Brunswick label?

That depends on the rarity of the recording and the condition of the record. Values for 78-RPM records range from $5.00 to $50.00.

What is value of Elvis don't be cruel 78?

Don't Be Cruel78RCA Victor - 20-6604release date - 1956value of disc depending on condition $500 hundred dollars

What are the first five multiples of 78?

78, 156, 234, 312, 390

When does Luna come into gakuen Alice?

chapter 78

How much was 78 record 'Heartbreak hotel' in 1956?

A single 78 rpm record cost about .25 cents back in 1956. This would be the cost for a recording of Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel.

What are the possible combinations that equal the volume of 78 I have to use the factors of 78 to come up with the combinations for example 1x1x78 equals 78 or 2x3x13 equals 78 PLEASE HELP?

78C3 = 76,076 possibilities

What is the answer to 78 percent of 40?

First find 1% by dividing by 100. 40/100 = 0.4 To find 78% multiply your answer by 78 0.4 x 78 = 31.2

Is 78 a multaple of 6?

Yes. 6 goes into 78 evenly.78/6 = 13

Did Paul Whiteman's Orchestra ever play and record the song My Wonderful One?

Yes on 78 RPM Victor Recording #19019-B

What plus what times what equals 78?

With or without order of operations? Without: (6 + 7) x 6 = 78 With: 6 + (9 x 8) = 78 If you don't get it, then multiplication comes first in order of operations. You must multiply first, unless you have parentheses.

When does Call of Duty 78 come out?

The year 2098 for Call of Duty 78. If you mean Call Of Duty 7, it is out. It is Black Ops.

Will the later Datsun pickup front disc brakes fit a 1977 620 pickup?

I removed all te disc brake system from a 78 or 79 Datsun PL 620. Willl it bolt up on a 77 PL 620?

When will shugo chara doki episode 78 come out?

on it should come out on April 8 i think...

What number is bigger 78 or 45?

first of all the number 78 is bigger and second of all what kind of question is that.

Did Jack Leonard sing I never mention your name?

Yes, you can find this record in the original on a 78 rpm recording on the Okeh label. Leonard sang it in 1943.

What was Jeff Kinney's first book he wrote?

he was 78

Who performed Buffalo Gals on the 78 RPM recording on the phonograph the one that Mary smashed on It's a Wonderful Life and is it possible to get a copy of that song?

I'm not sure this is the answer, but in the movie, the 78 rpm she plays is by Arthur Black. It says so right on the record label.

How did they record music in the early 1900s?

Recordings were made direct-to-disc. A lathe cut a shellac disc (usually running at 78 RPM). All musicians performed at the same time in the same room. Sometimes microphones were used to amplify a singer's voice.

What are the first 10 multiples of 78?

78, 156, 234, 312, 390, 468, 546, 624, 702, 780.

What are the first ten multiples of 78?

78 156 234 312 390 468 546 624 702 780

Did Jan Peerce record a poem titled What is a Boy and if so is it available on CD?

Yes. I have never found a CD but did find a 78 recording through in 2005.

What year was in the mood by Glenn miller recorded?

The hit Bluebird 78 rpm recording was made on August 1, 1939 at RCA Victor's New York studios.

Who was the the first man to on the moon and did he come back to earth alive?

The first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong , yes he did return safe and sound,.Today he lives a retired life on his farm in Ohio he is about 78 years old.

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