When did the first African slaves came to Virginia?

The earliest forms of slavery began in Virginia shortly after the English colonists first settled there in 1607, and this remained a standard practice until the passing of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865 that abolished slavery in all forms. The earliest form of slavery included what was known as indentured servitude and included both white and black people; however, if referring to the first documented African slave in Colonial America, that would have to be 1619. Africans were captured and enslaved aboard a Dutch ship known as the White Lion that was originally supposed to sail to Mexico; however, due to damage to the ship, it had to land in Virginia, around what is present day Fort Monroe. This was all during the period of 1618-1623.

If one truly researched the subject, it will be discovered that the first African slave sold in Virginia was actually sold by an African tribal leader. It was common practice in those days that dominant tribes enslaved the weaker tribes as part of their specific culture. This is simply added to clarify and demonstrate that slavery was indeed started by a Native African, not through English oppression. Slavery was also perpetuated by the Brazilians, Spanish, and Dutch. England was involved at a later time.