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Q: When did the flippers and the snorkel spread?
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What do you call a swimmer using flippers and mask begging with s?

Snorkeler as in snorkel

Can you take a snorkel on an airplane?

I just took my mask, snorkel and flippers halfway around the world for six weeks, about 10 planes. I put it in my checked bag, though I think I could have carried it on with no problem.

How much is snorkeling gear?

As much as you want it to cost snorkeling kits (consisting of snorkel, mask and flippers) can range from £10 to £500

What do you wear when you go snorkeling?

If you're going shallow: you just wear a bathing suit, a mask, flippers, and snorkel. If your going deep: you need a protective suit, mask, oxygen pack, flippers, chain mail (for sharks), and gloves.

Could you swim in the hydrogen sea from Jupiter?

Yes, just make sure you have your space suit on. I did this last weekend. And don't forget your snorkel and flippers!

Name something deep sea divers wear that you look silly wearing in a swimming pool?

Flippers Oxygen Tank Wet suit Snorkel Mask

How do you snorkel underwater?

With a snorkel.

How do you spell snorkel?


What equipment do you need to snorkel?

a snorkel.



What is your scuba kit called?

Scuba kit has different names, but here are a few that are most commonly used: Jacket=BCD/BC Mouthpiece=regulator/reg Flippers=fins/flippers Tank=oxygen tank/air tank/cylinder Mask=mask On top of the cylinder=cylinder valve (K,J,Din Yoke etc...) Wet/dry suit=exposure suit. Snorkel=snorky/snorkel if there's more, let me know, these are the ones I thought of on the spot

What is the afrikaans word for SNORKEL?

snorkel (it stays the same)

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