When did the history of ninjas start?


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September 10, 2011 8:28PM

The ninja or shinobi started in Tang Dynasty when china started to fall from the invasion. Some generals escaped by boat over the sees to the Iga mountains of Japan. Later some Chinese monks settled in as well. One day a samurai met with a monk. Later on the samurai asked him to teach him the true ways of fighting. He replied "The art will make you be able to move freely and become invisible and undefeatable" the art was later then called Ninjutsu the art of invisibility. Some monk thought it to some peasants to protect him then it secretly spread. Ninjutsu is a mixture of dim mak (pressure points), samurai sword techniques, Buddhism philosophies, arm locks, spying and more. Ninpo was the code of the ninja while it was against the code of the samurai (bushido) any samurai who follows ninjutsu must be killed. The art of the samurai was death but the art of the ninja was to do what ever it takes to survive, get the job done and win. This made a greater advantage. Ninjutsu the most deadliest form of martial art...