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When can girls basketball become popular?

They become popular when people start talking about them.

How do you become a popular girl?

Start dating someone popular then people will start to think of u as popular

When did rock and roll start to become less popular?

And why did it start to become less popular(btw i wrote this question) many thanks:)

How can I get high speed interent ?

How can i get high speed interent

When did cell phones start to become popular?

Cell phones started to become popular in the mid- to late 1990s.

When did Twitter start to become popular?

In the middle of 2009.

Can a teen on the sims 2 become pregnant?

You are able to do this if you download a hack off the interent :P

When did reality television programs become popular?

40's reality tv start and in 90's it become popular.

How did cricket become popular?

because most people start play it

How did Coldplay become Popular?

Coldplay start becoming popular with their debut album:Parachutes,especially with the single Yellow

How Do You Become Populaur in School?

well learning how to spell popular would be a start!

When did soccer start to become popular?

Since, 1920s or 1930s. It's been popular outside the US for long time.

Did Licklider invent the interent?

no sorry :(

How many gigabytes of information are there on the Internet?

the interent holds about 5,000,000,000(five trillion) pages of information. the interent holds about 5,000,000,000(five trillion) pages of information.

What does the prefix vacu mean?

I think vacu is a word and prefix means added to the start of the root word so the definition is to look it up on the interent. simple!

How can I connect to the Interent?

your are already connected if you posted that question

Why did the Interent begin?

ppl just amd it for fun

How do answer the Metric System Challenge?

paper work or the interent

Why has the iPod become so popular?

the iPod is so popular because they advertise it and lots of people start to buy it then other people copy the other people and so on.....

How do you become a monstar a in 1 day on moshi monsters?

Your Monstar Rating shows how popular your monster is in Monstro City. The more friends and other owners that visit your home, the more popular you'll become. You start at Z and can climb all the way up to become an A-List Monstar.

Why TV program become popular?

Funny and sexy t.v programs become popular.

When did football become popular?

When it became popular.

How do you get a popular girl friend?

Become popular

Why did the hippie movement start?

The hippie movement started in the 1960s. This is was part of the larger counter-culture movement that had become popular at the time.

When did rock and roll start?

historians traced its roots back to the 1920's but it didn't become popular till the 1950's