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When did the kingdom of Axum emerge?

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The Axum Kingdom was located in present day Ethiopia.

The Kingdom of Axum was known for being the first major African nation to become Christian.

it is AdulisActually Axum or Aksum was the capital of the Kingdom of Aksum or Axum (c.100 - c.940)It is now in Ethiopia

The Nile Kingdom Of Nubia

Kingdom of Axum existed between 100 and 960 ACE. About 324 Axum converted to Christianity as a first major kingdom in the world. Before Christianity Axum was polytheistic, they had a main god Astar and his son Mahrem, who was supposedly the first ancestor of Aksumite kings, etc.

songhai, mali, ghana, benin, and axum! :)

the kingdom of Kush declined because of the rise of a new power in the region known as Axum

The kingdom of Kush was located south of Egypt in present-day Sudan, and Axum was farther south in Ethiopia. The Kush kingdom ruled Egypt from around 727 BC to 653 BC. (see the related map link)

1.) Axum owed its strength to the red sea. 2.) In 334 A.D. king Ezana made Christianity the official religion. 3.) Axum fought neighboring Kush for control of trade routes to inland Africa.

He converted the kingdom of Axum to Christianity and from there it become one of the great kingdoms in Ethiopia

No kingdom in Africa was fully Christian, but the kingdom thats official religion was declared Christain was Axum.

As a center of a marine trading power of the Aksumite Kingdom. Historical records are otherwise unclear.

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No one knows for sure when the kingdom of Axum began. Axum was located just south of Kush on a high plateau. Today the countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea are located here. Axum had access to the Red Sea.By 50 CE, traders, using the Silk Road, came to Axum for its salt, gold, and gems. Animal products such as ivory, rhinoceros horns, and tortoise shells were also traded in the marketplace. In return they brought with them silk, spices, olive oil, wine, brass, and iron.But Axum wanted more, which led to the people setting their sights on Kush. Taking over Kush gave Axum access not only to the Red Sea but also to the Nile River. This opened even more trading markets in Egypt and the Mediterranean area. Greco-Romantraders often came to Axum. These traders offered many goods, such as steel and cloth.

Latitude: N 14° 7' 0.0001", Longitude: E 38° 43' 59.9999"

The decline of Axum let to what

Axum was located in present day Ethiopia

Axum is now where modern day Ethiopia is.

Kaleb of Axum died in 540.

It is Aksum not, Axum -_- ... They built Obelisks

According to some Islamic traditions, the people of Axum offered shelter to the family of the Muslim prophet Muhammad during his exile from Mecca from 622 to 630 CE. For this reason, Axum was left untouched while Muslim armies conquered the surrounding areas.

The new kingdom of ancient Egypt emerged between the 16th century BC and the 11th century BC.

The relations between Muslims and Christians in Axum were peaceful. The Axum was on good terms with their Islamic neighbors.

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