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When did the plague end?


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The plague ended in 1350 and returned later various times later in lives of people living in the world.


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The bubonic plague ended in 2012

The Great Plague ended in the month of September

actually the Plague ended in 1353. It started in 1346 not 48.

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The Black Death (AKA The Bubonic Plague, The plague) didn't really "start" or "end" on specific dates. There are some rare cases of The Bubonic plague today. The peak of the Black Death was around 1347- 1352

The great fire of London shortly after killed all the rats and fleas meaning the plague was over

The Great Fire of London in September 1666 destroyed all the rats which carried the plague.

in 1666 because of the fire of london

They all went to sleep THE END

It didn't end. However, they discovered antibiotics so it can be cured now.

The End Of War. The end of the plague. The decline of famine

well actually the plague was around in 2007 in another country but they managed to cure it before it got ugly.

The murderer of King Laius must be found and punished so the gods will end the plague on Thebes.

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It didn't. However, in the 1700s they discovered the cure.

At the end of the day, avoid cliches like the plague.

It decimated the population and brought about the end of the feudal system.

becaus we didnt see any chickens when we were cooking beef

The Black Death or Bubonic Plague had more or less ran its courses in the 1350s, after killing 60% of the European population. The last cases of the Plague were seen in England in 1353, but recurrences continued for decades.

Yes, there's a plague in 'Oedipus Rex'. It actually is called a 'pestilence'. It's ravaging the city's population, livestock and crops. Everyone is at wits' end as to how to end or at least soften the effects.

The plague in London ended when villagers began quarantining themselves to keep the disease from spreading. This slowly stopped the number of people infected.

Isolation of infected persons as well as the development of basic hygiene.

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