When did the roman come to Britain?

In 54 BC, Julius Caesar carried out two brief military expeditions in the southeast of England during his conquest of Gaul. However, he left and did not establish a Roman presence in Britannia. Probably the first Romans to settle there (later) were traders because many the British tribes established trade relations and diplomatic ties with the Romans. Southern England was conquered by Claudius in 43 AD and northern England was conquered by Agricola in 78-79 AD.

Caesar's first expedition was poorly organised and he felt without penetrating inland. In the second one he defeated a combined British force led by Cassivellaunus and reached the Thames. The powerful Trinovantes, who had been attacked by Cassivellaunus prior to Caesar's expedition, aided Caesar and gave him provisions. Cassivellaunus, who had prepared further resistance, gave up, negotiated surrender and agreed not to attack the Trinovantes and to pay an annual tribute. However, Caesar went back to Gaul to deal with a rebellion there, withdrew all the Roman soldiers and never returned as his Gallic Wars dragged on for another three years, his governorship expired in 50 BC and he then started a Roman civil war. Cassivellaunus probably never paid the tribute.