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When did the segregation of black and white people end and ... Was martin Luther king involved?

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Q: When did the segregation of black and white people end and ... Was martin Luther king involved?
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What did Martin Luther King do help people?

Martin Luther king stopped segregation between black and white people.

Why did people threaten Martin Luther Kings life and bomb his home?

Because of Segregation

Are white people exempted in some traffic laws?

it was martin luther who stopped segregation

Who helped Martin stop segregation?

There were literally millions of people involved in the civil rights movement of the 1960's, but perhaps the person who helped Martin Luther King the most was President Lyndon Johnson.

What was martin Luther king jr know for?

he was know for starting freedom for people and stopped segregation

Who were all the people that tried to stop segregation?

martin luther king jr,rosa parks .........

Did Martin Luther King or Martin Luther King Jr make the famous speech?

Martin Luther King Jr. made the big speech to end segregation and racial acts. His father was not famous. When people refer to Martin Luther King, they're usually referring to Martin Luther King Jr.

What achievements did Martin Luther King Jr. have?

Martin Luther king achieved equality among white and black people and there was no longer segregation between white and black.

Who ended segregation?

Segregation Laws were ended by the movement that was created by the courageous people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, etc.

Did Martin Luther King stop Black and White segregation?


If Martin Luther King was still alive what would he be involved with?

He would be involved with the black and white people

What was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. doing before he died?

Before he died Martin Luther King Jr. was telling people in different places that segregation was not right.

How did Jackie Robinson stop segregation?

He was the was the first black baseball player so black people can play. However, Martin Luther King stoped the rest of segregation.

When did Martin King Jr ended the segregation?

In fact, Martin Luther King Jr. did not end segregation, he just encouraged people to help stop it. By the marches, the speeches, and the boycotts but he had never ended it during his lifetime.

What is the name of the famous speech given by Martin Luther King Jr.?

The famous speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was "I Have a Dream." It was colored people and white people to have equal rights.Which meant no more segregation.

Which 3 people helped abolish slavery?

Ugh.....martin Luther king jr DID NOT abolish slavery. There was no more slavery by the time he was born. he helped abolish SEGREGATION!! MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, ABRAHAM LINCOLN MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Did Martin Luther King end segregation?

Martin Luther King Jr did not end segregation, but he was at the forefronts in the cause to end segregation. Many people, under his leadership, fought to end segregation in America, such as Rosa Parks and Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. President Lynden B. Johnson was very supportive of the cause to end segregation. Finally, the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act were passed that aided in the end to institutionalized segregation.

How does Martin Luther King affect World History?

Martin Luther king affects world history by saying that everybody should be able to talk and be friends so now black people and white people can be friends and segregation is wrong.

What stopped racial segregation?

African Americans like Rosa parks and martin Luther king jr. cuz they got alot of people to agree with them that racism and segregation was wrong..

How was Martin Luther determined - Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther and Martin Luther King are completely different people.

Why did Martin Luther King Jr give the you Have A Dream speech?

So that he could end segregation to give black people freedom.

When did martin luther king jr make black and white people get together?

Never, there's still segregation going on today. -_-

What was Martin Luther King jr against?

Martin Luther King Jr. was fighting against segregation and wanted freedom for all black people and got put in jail 37 times for it.The italic part is improving it.

What did Martin Luther King Jr Jr. do?

Martin Luther King Jr. campaigned against segregation between blacks and whites peacefully. He led many protests including the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King Jr. tryed to stop slavery and died for the people

How was Martin Luther a role model?

Martin Luther King was a role model because he inspired other people to make segregation be abolished in the whole world. Helping others to have equal rights, to make the world a better place.