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When did turtles become endangered?

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not all turtles are endanger mostly just the sea turtle

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When did marine turtles become endangered?

Marine turtles became endangered when over hunting before they were proctected Marine turtles became endangered when over hunting before they were proctected

Are any turtles on the endangered list?

Turtles aren't endangered but Tortoises are endangered.

Are marine turtles endangered?

most turtles in the sea are endangered, yes

When did the bog turtle become endangered?

bog turtles are endangered because there are bigger animals round there habitat like the lion

Are sea green turtles endangered?

Yes green sea turtles are endangered

Are green sea turtles endangered?

Yes They are endangeredYes it is. It's one of the 7 turtles found in Australian waters, and sadly it is endangered. TURTLES ROCK!!!

Is turtles endangered?

Did you mean turtles in general?

Are alligator snapping turtles endangered?

yes. alligator snapping turtles are endangered and should be protected.

Are box turtles extinct or endangered?

Box turtles are not endangered, in fact, they may be one of the most abundant turtles in North America.

Are turltes endangered?

There are turtles that are endangered, but they are not entirely endangered or threatened as a species.

Are Painted Turtles an endangered spiecies?

no they are not - Actually, some populations of Painted Turtles are endangered. The coastal population of Western Painted Turtles are endangered in Canada (listed as "endangered" by COSEWIC). Other populations are threatened or of special concern.

When were turtles listed as endangered?

There are 86 species of turtles listed as endangered, all of which were added in different years.

When Did Bog Turtles Become Endangered?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has listed it as threatened since 1997.

Are turtles endangoured?

No they are not endangered except green sea turtles

Are green sea turtles endangerd speises?

yes, they are very endangered,they will also become extinct if someone does not help.

How are turtles being endangered?

turtles are endangered because people take their eggs after they lay them as turtle eggs are classed as food

Are sea turtles endangered or extinct?

Endangered. Many sea turtles were killed in the BP oil spill, ending their species

What kind of turtles are endangered?

There are very many species of turtles in the United States. All turtles in the United States are considered endangered. Not by any means are all turtles in the United States considered endangered. Most are under no specific threat at all, but a few, like the bog turtle, and hawksbill turtle are endangered.

How did the bog turtle become endangered?

well the turtle became endangered mostly because people kill it a lot and are killing off the line of bog turtles and if it keeps happening the poor creature will become extinct

When did the box turtle start to get endangered?

Box turtles are not endangered species.

Are flatback turtles extinct?

No, but they are endangered.

Are short necked turtles endangered?

Every turtle is endangered including aquatic turtles and the other land turtles. All the turtles that live in the sea are definitely endangered by mostly all of the fishing nets. Aquatic turtles are endangered from people disturbing them or even destroying their habitat. If people really love turtles they should adopt one and keep them in captivity to try and make them not endangered anymore.Short neck turtles are endangered along with all the other turtles that exist. You can stop making turtles endangered by telling people to stop with the fishing nets and make more people adopt them to bring them in captivity and make the turtles live their hole life. Every 10 minuets their is one turtle dying from something like habitat disturbance or those fishing nets. Make a difference, do the right thing and if you can adopt one to prevent them to die and make turtles not be endangered.

What can be done to help endangered turtles?

there are lots of things that can be done to help sea turtles, and other endangered species.become a part of a trustworthy organizationclean up beaches/the places that the particular type of turtle lives.do not encourage people to eat sea turtle soup or use things that are made from turtles.

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