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When did us declare war?


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December 7th 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. The US declared war on Japan. Japan being part of the Axis powers consisting of Germany and Italy. The US declared war on them as well.


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well the congress have the power to declare war

The US was forced to declare war on Japan in DECEMBER 9, 1941

In the US, the Congress has the sole power to declare war.

No, and the US did not declare war on Finland. However, UK declared war on Finland on 6 December 1941.

For the United States, only the US Congress has the power to declare war. That's explicit in the US consitution.

The US did not declare war on Germany. Germany declared war on the US shortly after the Japanese attack on Hawaii.

The President and Congress. Not quite. The President must ASK congress to declare war; only congress can declare the US to be at war.

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

the us didn't declare war on china in world war 2 us declared war on japan on 1941 when japan bombed pearl harbor hawii

The US didn't declare war on Russia. The "cold war" refers only to the hostility of each country towards eachother.


The US congress has the power to declare war, but the president must sign off on it.

Germany didn't declare war on US, Germany declared war against Britain, and US is allied with Britain so was obliged to join the fight.

The last US declared war was WWII. The US Civil War was not a declared war.

Germany didnt declare war on US.. US declared war on Germany

The US last declared war in December 1941.

WWII was the last US declared war.

Quite the opposite, the US did not declare war on Germany, but Germany declared war on them. They did this to honor their alliance with Japan after the Pearl Harbor attacks.

The US declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941, but did not declare war on Germany and Italy. They declared war on the US on December 10, '41.

If you are referring to the US president, I understand he must have the approval of Congress to declare a war.

When the US declared war on Japan for Pearl Harbor

The war declaration of US is from 12 December 1941.

Germany didn't declare war on the US in world war 1. It was the US that declared war on Germany on April 6th 1917 as a result of the unrestricted submarine war introduced by Germany in January that year. - I Warner

The US never declared war on Germany, the US declared war on Japan and then Germany declared war on the US

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