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In Europe
It is not really known when the continent became known as Europe, all that we know is that the name comes from the Greek Mythological person Europa, a Phoenician woman who had an affair with Zeus.
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Where is Europe?

Answer . . . Europe is not an island nor a country but a continent which is located Eastward from the U.S. is divided by the North Atlantic ocean. Asia is to it's East. Europe comprises the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Countries such as Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland and Luxembourg are s ( Full Answer )

Why did the war start in Europe?

Because of the Nazis invading Poland. Their sudden, lethal strikesparked the war in Europe that would very quickly spread to theworld.

Rivers that start with y in Europe?

There are many rivers in Europe. In Europe, a river that startswith a 'Y' is the Yser River. The Dutch name for the river isIJzer.

How renaissance start in Europe?

The exchange of important agricultural techniques.If a student chooses A, he or she may not understand that agriculture was not directly related to the growth of the Renaissance.

Where did feudalism start in Europe?

This depends on the definition of feudalism. If feudalism is regarded is identical to manorialism, then it started in the places that had been parts of the West Roman Empire, when that empire fell, at the start of the middle ages. Another view of feudalism is that it is a medieval system for the con ( Full Answer )

Who started Feudalism in Europe?

The feudal system first appears in definite form in the Frankishlands in the 9th and 10th century. The system suffered a gradualbreakdown.

Why did feudalism start in Europe?

Feudalism in Europe emerged from the breakdown of Roman society ingovernment. This disintegration was combined with Germanic systemsof societal organization and centralization.

What are the three countries in Europe called?

One three nation grouping is called the Baltic States consisting of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Another example would be the Lowland or Benelux countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Another example could be the Apennine (or Italian) countries: Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City. Y ( Full Answer )

When did Europe start using gunpowder?

The use of gunpowder started in Europe during the late 13thcentury. It was Roger Bacon, who introduced gunpowder and in 1353the first gunpowder cannon was invented by Berthold Schwarz.

Which citys start with a in Europe?

Athens in Greece. . Alborg, Arhus, Abenra in Denmark. . Arnhem, Apeldoo, Almer-Stad and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. . Alesund in Norway. . Alicante and Algeciras in Spain.

Why did the modern world started in Europe?

Because we are great. And have a natural sense of knowledge and adventure ^ Well no it wasn't because of that. Primarily owing to the fact that a wealth of resources, knowledge (developed through scientific advancedments by key individuals at the time) and power was present in Europe due to the exp ( Full Answer )

Country in Europe that starts with o?

There are no countries in Europe that start with the letter O. Omanis the only country in the world that begins with the letter O.Oman is in Asia.

Why is Europe called Europe?

In ancient Greek mythology, Europa was a Phoenician princess whom Zeus abducted and took to the island of Crete. Later, Europa became a name for the area of central-north Greece, and by 500 BC its meaning had been extended to the lands to the north.

Religions in Europe and how religions started?

In Europe the religions was very varied. But most of it was centered around CHristianity. That is until King Henry wanted to divore his wife, Catherine of Aragon. He made the Church of England, so from that time on, England has its very own religion. No one really knows how religion started. I thin ( Full Answer )

A city in Europe that start with D?

Derby, England; Diest, Belgium;Dijon, France; Dortmund, Germany; Dos Hermanas, Spain; Drammen,Norway; Dresden, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; and Duisburg, Germanyare cities in Europe.

When did Europe start using the euro?

Some countries in Europe began to use the Euro in 2002. Many countries in Europe do not use the Euro as their currency. The Euro officially went into circulation on January 1, 2002.

What can you do in Europe?

i can find lot of opportunity in various sector such as study, seeing beautiful sight------

What cities in Europe start with b?

Bern, Switzerland Bonn, Berlin, Birmingham, Bradford, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Bremen, Barcelona, Bristol, Basel and lots more.

A place in Europe that starts with c?

Croatia, Cyprus and Czech Republicare countries in Europe. Copenhagen, Denmark; Cologne, Germany;Coventry, England; and Czestochowa, Poland are cities in Europe.Caldew is a river in the United Kingdom.

What are Places in Europe that start with R?

Radom, Poland; Randers, Denmark; Ravenna, Italy; Regensburg, Germany; Remscheid, Germany; Rennes, France; Rezina, Moldova; Rheinfelden, Switzerland; Rhodes, Greece; Riga, Latvia; Rio Tinto, Portugal; Risor, Norway; Roeselare, Belgium; Rome, Italy and Rotterdam, Netherlands are cities in Europe. The ( Full Answer )

What rivers in Europe start with U?

Uzan is a 15 mile long river in France. The River Ure is in NorthYorkshire, England. The Ubaye is a 52 mile long river insoutheastern France. The River Ugie is a river in Scotland.

Where does Asia start and Europe end?

The artificial boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia lies along the Ural Mountains south to the Ural River and the Caspian Sea and the along the Caucasus Mountains to the Black Sea.

Why did feudalism start in medieval Europe?

When Rome fell in 410 AD a gap was left in the structure of government and services. The barbarian tribes raided without care and killed where they wanted. There was no one to protect the people and it was pure chaos. Fedualism developed out this when strong men came with armies to beat back the bar ( Full Answer )

How do you call the US from Europe?

Dial +1 then area code then cell or landline number...To call cheaper to a cell phone you can use Skype or from PC to PC Skype or Google talk is free !

When does ski seasons in Europe start?

At the mountains it starts in August or early September. In the cities it starts about October or November, but it's very hard to predict.

Why do they call soccer football in Europe?

Because the game was invented here, a long time before American "Football". Question really ought to be, why do you call football "soccer". Grrr! ---- Soccer is an English coloquial version of the phrase 'Association Football' .The game is called Football NOT Soccer. The word 'Soccer' was used t ( Full Answer )

What can you do when you get to Europe?

That is a question that is impossible to answer because there are so many things you could do in Europe. There are many places to go, things to see, food to eat, experiences to have, people to meet, culture to see, music to hear and so on. The best is to go and enjoy it and have fun.

What cities in Europe start with z?

· Zabrze, Poland · Zagreb, Croatia · Zaragoza, Spain · Zielona Gora, Poland · Zoetermeer, Netherlands · Zonguldak, Turkey · Zurich, Switzerland · Zwickau, Germany · Zwolle, Netherlands

What cities in Europe start with v?

Verona, Italy; Valletta, Malta;Vantaa, Finland; Vienna, Austria; Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal;Vilnius, Lithuania; Varna, Bulgaria; Vejle, Denmark; and Volos,Greece are cities in Europe. Additional cities include Vilvoorde,Belgium; Valencia, Spain; Versailles, France; Vevey, Switzerland;Veria, Greece; ( Full Answer )

When did medieval europe start and end?

Very roughly the middle ages were from 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E. Sometimes individual will try to pin the start and end dates to specific events, such as the deposition of the last Roman emperor Romulus Augustus in 476 or the fall of Constantinople in 1453, but these division are somewhat artificial. T ( Full Answer )

Is there a city in Europe that starts with a d?

· Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland · Delemont, Switzerland · Diest, Belgium · Dijon, France · Dortmund, Germany · Dos Hermanas, Spain · Drammen, Norway · Dresden, Germany · Dublin, Ireland · Duisburg, Germany

What word starts with an o in Europe?

Oslo is the capital city in Norway. Oulu is a city in Finland. Oviedo is a city in Spain. Osnabruck is a city in Germany.

What are the cities in Europe that start with a p?

The full list would be much too long to post here. Below are the lists of cities for a sample of countries. The lists for different countries are of different lengths because different countries use different definitions of what a city is. Some countries do not distinguish between towns and cit ( Full Answer )

Why did the US start the war in Europe?

The United States became involved in the second world war while it was supporting our allies borne of the first world war. We declared war on Japan after that country, while seeking our neutrality in diplomatic channels secretly planned and attacked our ports in Hawaii. Hawaii was a protectorate of ( Full Answer )

What cities in Europe start with N?

There are many. Here are just 10: . Nuremberg . Nantes . Nicosia . Naples . Norwich . Novi Sad . Nizhny . Nice . Novorossiysk . Nuuk

Do Things that start with t on Europe?

Turkey is a country that has territory in both Asia and Europe.Tallinn, Estonia; Tampere, Finland; Taranto, Italy; Terrassa,Spain; Thessaloniki, Greece; Thun, Switzerland; Timisoara, Romania;Torun, Poland; Toulouse, France; Tournai, Belgium; Trier, Germany;Trondheim, Norway; Turin, Italy; and Turku, ( Full Answer )