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Q: When did wheat originate?
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Where does flour originate from?


Where did yeast originate?

wheat! wheat originated from Israel

Where does durum wheat originate from?

The origin of Durum wheat is believed to have been in either Abyssinia or the southern Mediterranean. Wikipedia has a full article on Durum wheat - see related link.

Where did wheat originate?

It is believed that wheat originated in south_western Asia. Some archeological fining show that wheat was grown 5,000 years ago in the Nile Valley. Wheat may have been around as long as 9,000 years.

Where do flour originate from?

Most flour is made by grinding grains. The most common flour in the U.S. is made from wheat.

Why are turmeric and rice planted in the USA but they belong to India?

Plants and cultivation know no international boundaries. For example Wheat does not originate in India, but is also planted there ....

Where did regular bread originate?

The ancient Egyptians were known to grow barley and wheat. Excavations of their cities revealed that they enjoyed flat breads with nearly every meal.

Where did porridge originate?

Porridge originated in Northern Europe and Russia. It was often made of barley, but oats, rice, wheat, corn, buckwheat, and piecemeal could also be used.

What are the six sections of Kansas?

wheat, wheat, wheat, wheat, wheat and wheat

Does wheat starch contain wheat?

Wheat starch IS wheat, it comes from wheat or the wheat kernel itself.

How is wheat made?

Wheat is a plant. It grows in the ground. Wheat seeds are called grains. Wheat used in food is either whole wheat, cracked wheat or wheat flour. Whole wheat is the grains of the wheat plant. When whole wheat is crushed, it becomes cracked wheat. When whole wheat is ground into powder, it is wheat flour.

From which country does lasagne originate?

Lasagne originated from the country of Italy. Today it is more commonly called Lasagna. Lasagne is actually the plural form for lasagna. Lasange noodles are made today from durum wheat.

What is the collective noun for wheat?

The collective noun for wheat is a sheaf of wheat.

What wheat do you put in a wheat bag?


Which crops is grown at lower elevations?


Does wheat grass have wheat in it?

Wheatgrass essentially IS wheat (wheat greens, that is). However, it contains no wheat gluten if that's what you're afraid of. You can probably eat it even if you have a wheat allergy.

When the whole grain kernel is used the product is referred to as?

Whole Wheat

What is the method for separating wheat bran from wheat?

what is the method used to separate wheat bran from wheat

Does wheat come from a wheat plant?

Wheat is a plant

What is the difference between sooji wheat rawa and samba wheat rawa?

Samba wheat rawa is made from pure Samba variety wheat including the skin of the wheat which contains many B Complex Vitamins and the sooji wheat rawa is amde from wheat too but with ordinary wheat not the samba quality and its without the wheat skin

Is grain a vegetable?

No and yes. Grains are all types of crop plants that originate from the seed of the plant. Rice, maize, wheat etc. There is a certain amount of cross-over as maize is considered by most as both a vegetable and a grain

Is Wheat grass plant is the same plant of wheat?

---- Yes; Wheat Grass is the premature Wheat plant.

What two types of wheat were crossed in federation wheat?

varieties of bread wheat and varieties of pasta wheat

Is wheat a producer?

Wheat is a product. The wheat farmer is the producer.

Common name for wheat?

The common name for wheat is "wheat".