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Women, according to the Aspin Rules, are exempt from assignment to Direct Ground Combat units. This means that females cannot be assigned below brigade level to Combat Arms units (Infantry, Armor, Artillery).

Pilots, however, can be female since they are not expected to participate in ground combat.

This rule still exists, however, due to the nature of modern warfare, women in combat support and combat service support units are frequently encountered with situations in which mission accomplishment requires them to engage in ground combat.

The women in the United States military are great assets to our combat effectiveness and have proven time and again that they are valuable members of the team, even if they don't serve in combat positions.

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Q: When did women start serving in combat positions?
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Should women be allowed in combat positions?

yes,they should.Women Have a equel position as men

Can women be in the Australian Army?

Yes, women can be in the Australian Army, but they cannot be in direct combat roles. 10.6 % of the positions are occupied by women.

How did women serving in the armed forces help the war effort if they were not involved in combat?

They freed men up to do combat tasks.

How long have women been serving in combat situations?

since world war ll

What did the senate do after the Persian Gulf War?

Removed the ban against women serving as combat pilots.

Causes to Persian gulf war the senate?

removed the ban against women serving as combat pilots.

Out of all the us military conflicts which one had the most women serve?

Serving in traditional nursing/administrative roles: WWII. Serving in combat roles: Operation Desert Storm (1991) was their first combat; and on to the present.

Can women go to war in the army?

The question is in the category "World War I". The US did not allow women into the "army" proper at the time; they instead joined the Women's Army Corps and were assigned to non-combat positions (mostly clerical and other "service" roles).On January 24, 2013, the US Secretary of Defense officially removed the ban on women serving in combat positions, but the details and ramifications of this are still working themselves out. There's currently no legal bar to women joining the US Army, nor is there one for women in the US Army from "going to war" (by which I assume you mean taking part as official combatants), but it may take some time for the new rules to be fully implemented.

How do the role of women in world war 2 differ to today?

Women are allowed to serve in many more positions than they used to. Now in the US women can serve in pretty much every position with the exceptions of combat arms (i.e. infantry, artillery, etc) and spec ops positions.

Why are women not allowed to fulfill military combat positions?

probably due to female frailness and lack of strength for such harsh duties (in the past). however, females are now allowed some combat position asignments such as pilots.................

Why should women be allowed in the military?

They are; women make up a large portion of many countries' armed forces. The real question is "should women be allowed in combat?" Since this is an opinion question I will say no to combat. Women want to be in it. However they don't realize how horrible it really is. Women have been in the military since the early part of last century and they have done an outstanding job and we even have female Generals. ____ Women are fully aware of how horrible combat is. They aren't naive little girls, nor are they blind. Women are serving in combat roles with distinction. IF they are capable, IF they are well trained then they should be allowed to.

Which of the Statements accurately contrasts the roles of women during World War 2 in the US and in the Soviet Union?

Answer this question…Women in the Soviet Union served directly in combat, while women in the United States served primarily in support positions.

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