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It was first available on the original Xbox in November, 2002.

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Q: When did Xbox live come out?
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Does Xbox 360 arcade come with Xbox live?

No, it doesn't "come" with it, but you can get it for free in the Xbox LIVE Games Marketplace.

Does the Xbox 360 slim come with Xbox live?

No. You will need to register and buy Xbox live.

How can you make an Xbox live account with a subscription in Xbox live?

All accounts created on your Xbox come with one free month of Xbox Live.

Does Xbox live come with the Xbox 360 pro?

the xbox 360 pro comes with 1 month free xbox live

What year did xbox live come out?

Xbox live was first available in November, 2002.

Does the Xbox 30 elite come with Xbox live?


Does Minecraft for Xbox come in a case?

No, it's a download from XBox Live.

Is Xbox Live on the Xbox one free?

No, it will most likely come bundled with a 1 year Xbox Live membership though.

Does Xbox live come with the Xbox arcade?

xbox live is on all xbox's but you have to pay the only difference with arcade is you dont get a hard drive or an online microphone

Does xbox live come come with the Kinect?

No, you have to buy it separately.

When did xbox live first come out?


Will black ops demo come out for xbox live?

it will come out NEVER

When did Xbox Live come out for the Xbox?

November 15, 2002 or 10 years ago

Does Xbox live come with the Xbox 360 elite?

nope just a bigger HD

Does Xbox 360 pro come with Xbox live?

Sort of. When you connect to Xbox Live, you get one free month of the Gold subscription. After that you have to buy it, or make another account.

Does the Xbox 360 elite come with Xbox live?

yes it comes with a year of gold membership

Does the Xbox 360 arcade come with a free trial of Xbox live?

depends where you get it from but GAME do i know

Does the Xbox 360 come with Xbox live?

No it does not. However, it can be easily purchased off your xbox if you have wifi or an ether net cord connecting your xbox to your modem.

How come when i accept the terms for Xbox live your Xbox freezes?

You probably get a bad connection, try registering on the computer then login on the xbox.

Does halo 3 odst come with some Xbox live time?

well if it's not preowended but new you will get 48 hours xbox live

How do you get the trial on Xbox live?

Some games come with trials!

Does Netflix come free with Xbox live?

No. You have to pay for it by its self.

What do you do with your Xbox Live Silver Card to get Xbox Live?

Xbox live Silver is for XBOX Live MarketPlace not for playing LIVE with you're friends that's what is the XBOX LIVE GOLD is.

Is it 'Xbox Live' or 'Xbox 360 Live'?

It is still Xbox Live.

Does the Xbox elite come with internet?

It comes with an Xbox live gold card (30 days?) but YOU haft activate it.