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Hindus do not pray at any particular time of the day. There are special days (festivals) when Hindus pray together and offer "bhog" to gods at some auspicious time that is determined consulting the scriptures. Else a Hindu can pray any time he feels to. Mostly a Hindu will pray once in the morning after taking bath, that symbolizes purification of soul. Many offer a prayer before going to bed this time they hardly take bath. These are pure personal preferences and have nothing to do with dictations of the religion.

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Where do Hindus go to pray?

Hindus pray in a temple.

Where do Hindus pray?

The Hindus pray in temples. A Hindu Temple

Were do Hindus go to pray?

Hindus pray in temples, or in their own homes.

Who do Hindus pray to?

Hindus pray to the god - 'Brahman' - the ultimate spirit / supreme god and other manifestations of it.

Is there a certain time in which Hindus pray?

Hindus do not pray but merely ask the great chuck Norris for forgiveness

Why do Hindus pray for laksmi?

Hindus pray for Lakshmi because Lakshmi is called as the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

What do Hindus do as communities?


Why do Hindus pray to God?


What do Hindus do in Mandir?


What do Hindus pray for?

Most of us pray for Moksha / Salvation.

What do Hindus do when they pray?

yea yea they do

Why do Christians and Hindus pray?

A:Christians and Hindus pray because they believe their respective gods will hear those prayers and respond favourably.

Why do Hindus pray to ganesh?

Hindus pray to Lord Ganesha because he is the son of Lord Shiva. He is also God of fortune and knowledge.

Do Hindus pray?

I know they do not believe there is a god, but i THINK they do still pray.

Why Hindus pray to Shiva?

Shiva is the god of destruction or just Lord of Evil. Hindus pray to him to get revenge on someone that they probably hate, or maybe even they pray to him to kill someone.

How many times do Hindus pray to Krishna a day?

Hindu faith does not prescribe it directly. Hindus can pray as many as times the devotee likes.

What do Hindus do before they pray in the Mandir?

they take off their shoes and dance and pray

When do Hindus pray to Ganesha?

Ganesh chaturti is the festival in which God ganesh is pray.

How many tiemes a day do Hindus pray?

There are five times hindu pray?

What time and day do Hindus worship?

Hindus can worship any time of the day. However, generally people prefer to pray at dawn and dusk. Hindus also like to pray at the ganges river.

Do Hindus pray any special way?

Sure, Hindus have their special praying rituals.

How do Hindus feel when they pray?

you are reely good

What religions pray?

islim,hindus,christans :)

Can hindus pray after a birth in the family?


What temple does Hindus pray?

It Is Called A Mandir.