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There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and Another Country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

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North Vietnam won the war.

North Vietnam won the war.

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam; the North won the war.

The former NORTH Vietnam won the war; they are known as just Vietnam today.

Vietnam won the French war. North Vietnam won the American Vietnam War. There was no such country named "Vietnam" during the American Vietnam War 1955-1975. There were two nations: North VN & South VN.

Q who was the victor of the Vietnam war? A I have no idea who won the Vietnam war!!!!

North Vietnam won the war.

North Vietnam won the Vietnamese war.

What war for the first? Communists won the war in Vietnam.

North Vietnam won the war, creating one nation...VIETNAM.

North Vietnam won the war. They probably wouldn't appreciate being called a "nobody."

A long war, the communists won.

The communist won the war.

The North won the war.

The North won and the South lost in both undeclared wars; US Civil War & Vietnam.

North Vietnam won South Vietnam by conquering it.

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