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they dont, there is not a single of species of bear that have ever been known to hibernate. bears torper during winter, this is when they sleep, but can still wake up and walk around, hibernation is when an animal is in a deep sleep for the whole winter and cannot and will not wake up at all. torper is just like a lazy sunday morning when you wake up at 6:00, then fall asleep, then wake up and walk around again, then fall asleep. its the same concept

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When do most bear attacks occur?

For black bears and grizzly bears, from spring to fall, with heightened periods when bears come out of hibernation and when they're fattening up for hibernation. For polar bears, it can be any time of the year.

When do black bears come out of hibernation?

In the spring probably around april

Do bears urinate during hibernation?

No, bears are the only mammal who do not urinate during hibernation.

How much does a grizzly bear eat after hibernation?

Bears coming out of hibernation are very hungry and will eat anything edible they come across.

What does hibernation?


Do bears go potty during hibernation?

No, bears do not urinate nor defecate during hibernation.

What are some animals that come out of hibernation?

Polar bears, arctic fox and yak etc.

What could be a sentencewith the word hibernation?

On the bears start their hibernation

What do bears eat during their hibernation?

The bears absorb the nutrients they need from their fat reserves and do not eat during hibernation.

When are baby bears born?

in hibernation

Do bears mate during hibernation?


What bears eat salmon?

Bears eat salmon to get ready for hibernation.

When do animals come out of hibernation?

animals come out of hibernation in the summer

What is the example of Hibernation?

bears hibernate in the winter

What helps bears survive the winter?

it is hibernation

Do bears hibernate in zoos?

Yes, in some zoos they will stop feeding the bears that do hibernate and close off their area to duplicate a hibernation cave. These bears can then do what they would do if they were in the wild in hibernation, like give birth to young bears.

Are baby bears born when bears hibernate?

Yes, bears are usually born during hibernation of the mother.

What is a sentence using the word hibernation?

In the winter bears go through hibernation. The bear was hungry and ill-tempered after it's long hibernation.

How do bears defecate during hibernation?

they dont because they need the foodstuff to keep them alive during hibernation

Where do bears store food during hibernation?

They store food as fat. This occurs just before hibernation.

Do bears sleep all winter long?

Well bears do sleep during hibernation

When do bears wake up from hibernation?

Bears wake up around Febuary to March.

Do they black bears sleep the entire hibernation?


Do bears undergo a winter sleep?

When bears go to sleep for the winter it is called hibernation. There are different types of hibernation depending on the species. It occurs in many animals, from reptiles to mammals.

What are grizzly bears hibernation time?

Grizzly bears start to prepare for hibernation at fall time. Then they hibernate all winter from December to February. They wake up at Spring time.

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