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All children stop growing when the growth plates in their long bones close. For boys it can be around 17-18. For girls it is a little younger 15-16. The end of growth occurs soon after puberty.

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Q: When do boys stop growing?
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How old do girls stop growing?

18 or 16 boys never stop growing

How old are girls when they stop growing?

Girls stop growing at the age of 15 - 16 Boys stop growing at the age of 21 - 25.

Why are boys taller then girls?

because females stop growing around 15-16 years of age and boys stop growing around 17-21 so in this case boys have 2-6 more years of growing growing!!

When will a 15 year old boy stop growing?

Boys tend to take longer to finish growing then girls. Boys typically do not stop growing until their early twenties.

Do boys stop growing at 21?

my dick stopped growing when i was 80.

What age does boys stop growing?


Do boys stop growing when they have hair on there legs?


At the age of eighteen does your height stop growing?

Most boys stop growing between 18 and 21 and most girls stop growing between 16 and 19. But all children, especially boys, are done growing between 18 and 21

At what age do boys penises stop growing?

Usually a boys penis stops growing at the end of puberty (16,17)

When do boys stop growing height wise?

below 22.

When boys stop growing in height?

usually when there 20-25

At what age do boys grow the fastest and at what age do they stop?

Boys typically grow the fastest between the ages of 11 and 13. Most boys stop growing at around 16.

When do organisms stop growing and developing?

when you have stop maturing (growing) for boys usually 16-18 and girls usually 14-16 not until death

At what age do people stop growing?

Girls and boys usually stop growing at different times. Girls finish between the ages of 14-16 and boys finish growing between 16-20 and sometimes more. Your ears and nose may keep growing throughout your lifetime.

What age do boys stop growing height?

Males usually stop around 19 to 21 years.

Can girls stop growing at any age?

Girls generally stop growing between 14 and 18. Boys generally stop growing between 16 and 21 though they may continue to broaden in the shoulders after this.Basically girls can stop growing but don't worry it's OK.

Why won't my breasts stop growing?

because they are growing twins that need to develop into round supple breasticles for the boys to look at

At what age do humans stop growing?

for girls around 18 for boys around 21

How old are butterflies when they stop growing?

Boys are about 28 years old Girls are about 27,28 or 29

When do most teen boys stop growing?

When puberty is over so around 18-20.

What age does a person stop growing tall?

Most people start to stop growing a few years after they hit puberty. Girls tend to stop around 16 years old and boys around 18 years old.

How long does it take a human to grow?

boys stop growing to the age of 18 and girls grow at 13

When do tomatoes stop growing?

Its Stop Growing When Its Finish Growing

When do woman stop growing?

Girls stop growing at around 18, and boys at 25. I really depends on the person and when you got your growth spurt. Your growth will slow down when you approach the age, but probably wouldn't completely stop until afterward.

What age do boys stop growing?

it varies from individuals it can sometimes be at age 17 or up to age 23Boys reach final stage maturity at 26.