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It takes about 7 weeks for the mother cat to have their babies.

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Do cats and dogs have babies?

Funny Cats And Babies Playing Together โ˜… Animals Trolling Babies

Do cats make babies?

Yes, cats do make babies. They are called kittens or kits.

Can cats have babies after having babies a week after?

yes it can happen but those cats can have birth defects.

Can cats and dogs have babbys?

Yes, dogs and cats have babies. A dog's babies are called puppies and a cat's babies are called kittens.

Who has more babies cats or dogs?

i think cats

How do cats make babies?

how do cats make love

Why do cats runaway when they're about to have babies?

cats runaway when they have babies cause they get scared that other cats will find them so they run and hide then after a week or 2 it will come back and have they're babies at home in a place where it is warm keep your cats close!

Do boy cats have nibbles?

No, male cats do not have nipples, only females (girl cats)do this is when they are going to have babies, so the babies will be able to drink their milk.

Can female calico cats have babies?

Yes! They are a female which can have babies

Can your cats have babies on touch pet cats?

maybe, maybe not

What are babies cats called?

Baby cats are called kittens.

Were do cats babies come out of?

The same place humans' babies come out of.

How many babies do coon hounds have?

they don't have babies only cats do

How do wild cats get babies?

Yes they get babies by the mom its how we got born !

What do you call the babies of cats?

Baby cats are called kittens or kits.

How many babies do cats have?


What are the name of the cats babies?


When do cats have there babies?

When they're pregnant

Do cats bleed when they have babies?


Do cats live babies?


How early can a male cat make babies?

Male cats cannot have babies, so they cannot have babies early.

Can cats hurt babies?

yes, yes they can.

Can you have babies with a cat?

Cats can not breed with humans.

How many babies do sand cats have?

about 6

How do cats clean there babies?

By washing them with their tounge.

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