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There is no exact time that they hunt. They will hunt when they are hungry, when and if an opportunity arises. They have more luck hunting at night because of the cover of darkness.

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What do jaguars do all day?

they hunt for foodJaguars sleep a lot and hunt a lot. Mother jaguars watch over their kittens.

What do black jaguars eat?

Black Jaguars mainly eat hunted food. Theyrarely find dead food around so they have to hunt for it. Jaguars hunt either by itself or with a partner, if there is not a cub around.

Who do jaguars get there food?

Jaguars get their food the same way as lions, tigers, and bears. These animals all hunt their prey.

Why do Jaguars hunt?

So, that they can kill food for themselves and their young.

Do jaguars have migrations for food?

no jaguars hunt in the same place all life. they migrate only if is really necessary like deforestation

Do jaguars hunt in a pack or alone?

Jaguars are lone hunters.

Do jaguars hunt alone?

Jaguars are solitary animals. The only time they will be seen together is to mate or a mother with her cubs. Therefore, yes, Jaguars do hunt alone.

Are jaguars prey or predator?

Jaguars are predator because they hunt animals.

In what months do jaguars hunt?

Jaguars hunt in all months as they do not hibernate and must eat daily.

Why do people hunt jaguars?

For their pelts.

What do Jaguars hunt?

Impala, and stag

Do poachers hunt jaguars?


Do female jaguars hunt?


When do jaguars mainly hunt?


How do jaguars learn to survive?

The jaguars parents teach them how to hunt and survive in the wild

How do jaguars get food?

jaguars get food by hunting down their animal.

Where do jaguars get food?

Jaguars get their food from any meat that is around them.

Do jaguars need a big territory?

Jaguars need a big space so they can hunt

Do anacondas hunt jaguars?

Anacondas don't activlly hunt, they usually lie in wait in shallow water. It is possible that a few jaguars have been eaten by anacondas.

What are the eight animals that jaguars will hunt for food?

Caiman, alligators and crocidiles, fish, frogs, turtles, tapir, peccaries, capybara, and deer.

Do jaguars store food for winter?

jaguars do not hibernate therfore they do not store food(:

Do kitten jaguars hunt by themselves?

Jaguar cubs (kittens) do not hunt. That is done by the mother.

Can jaguars see in the dark?

Yes, they hunt at night.

How do jaguars get their own food?

Jaguars are excellent hunters.

Do jaguars hunt in groups?

Normally, no. But mating pairs may, and females teaching cubs to hunt.

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