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When do most asteroids orbit the sun?


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All the time. The most common area for asteroids (as far as we know right now, anyway!) is in the "asteroid belt", an indistinct area between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

But we really don't have a good inventory of asteroids. New ones keep being discovered, often just as they are passing the Earth or just after having passed by the Earth. The smaller and more distant ones are probably a complete mystery to us, and will be until we GO there and explore for ourselves.


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Some asteroids do cross earth's orbit, but most do not.

Yes. Asteroids orbit the sun.

Most asteroids orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in the Asteroid Belt.

Asteroids orbit the Sun, and some of them can cross the Earth's orbit.

No. They orbit the sun.

No, they orbit the Sun.

Affirmative. Most asteroids do orbit a sun. It doesn't have to be our Sun, but any star in the universe. Although there are many other entities out there, the asteroids mostly orbit the suns. If you took an asteroid and put it to orbit a centre of the galaxy, it would rather fast be attracted by some solar system and begin orbiting it.

Yes asteroids orbit the sun counter-clockwise, just like all the planets

Asteroids orbit the Sun, and some of them can cross the Earth's orbit.

No. Comets orbit the sun.

Most of the asteroids do orbit the Sun, in orbits between Mars and Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter are widely separated and it could be that the asteroids are rocks that failed to come together to from a planet in the way that the other planets did.

Asteroids orbit the sun. Moons orbit planets and planets orbit the sun. So you could say the moons orbit the sun. However, moons are kept in their orbits by the gravity of their planet and planets are kept in orbit by the gravity of the sun. So in that sense, moons do not orbit the sun.

Asteroids orbit around the Sun.

yes they orbit the sun as planets do and the sun draws them closer

Most "asteroids" are in orbit around the Sun, unless disturbed by gravity or collisions. Comets may orbit the Sun regularly, or be drawn in from the outer solar system and pass by the Sun on their way back out (hyperbolic comets).

they orbit the sun, that is why they are called comets, otherwise they would be known as asteroids, or meteorites!

Actually there are an place of Asteroids. Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars ASTEROID Belt. So why I capitalized the word ASTEROID on ASTEROID Belt. Because this Belt is full of Asteroids

Asteroids are rocky and have a relatively circular orbit around the Sun. Comets are icy and have a stretched oval-shaped orbit around the Sun.

No. Comets orbit the sun. Many asteroids orbit the sun in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Comets, dwarf planets (planetoids), and asteroids also orbit the sun.

The sun is a star and planets and asteroids orbit it.

The asteroids are located between the orbit of Mars and the Jupiter. The asteroids are believed to be the remain of a planet that once used to orbit the sun.

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