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Pregnancy symptoms usually occur within 2 months of conceiving. Sometimes it may take as long as 3-4 months before a pregnant woman will experience obvious pregnancy symptoms. Everyone is different.

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Q: When do symptoms occur before or after you miss your menstrual cycle?
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Is ovulation before or after your menstrual cycle?

Ovulation is part of your menstrual cycle, the term 'menstrual cycle' refers to your entire reproductive cycle - I think you mean before or after menstruation. Ovulation usually occurs two weeks before menstruation, but as it's a CYCLE it will occur after menstruation too.

When do periods occur?

during the menstrual cycle

What problems can occur during menstruation?

Menstrual problems include missing a period, change in the length of the cycle, changes in the flow, color, or consistency of menstrual blood, and extreme pain or other menstrual symptoms.

When do symptoms of menstrual dysmenorrhea occur?

The symptoms typically start a day or two before menstruation, usually ending when menstruation actually begins.

Can pregnancy occur if the menstrual cycle is irregular?


What is meant by pre menstrual?

Well you have most likely heard this term associated with PMS, which stands for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms, meaning symptoms that occur BEFORE your period such as cramping, bloating, etc.

Which days during the menstrual cycle does menstruation menses occur?

Menstruation occurs at the start of the menstrual cycle and normally lasts around a week, so menstruation would occur days 1-7 of the menstrual cycle.

What happens in the menstrual cycle if an egg is fertilized?

If the egg is fertilized and results in pregnancy then the menstrual cycle stops. The menstrual cycle exists to allow pregnancy to occur, so when pregnant no need for it to continue.

What event in the female menstrual cycle occurs if implantation does not occur?


What change occur in uterus during the menstrual cycle?

Turns in to a bird

What changes occur to the uterus during a monthly menstrual cycle?


What change occur in the uterus during the menstrual cycle?

Turns in to a bird

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