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The timing chain is steel, so what I have been told is it is really hard to wear out, if you encounter rough running engine and a tune up etc doesn't seem to change things, than maybe the chain. Other than that these Nissans are one tough piece of machinery, mine has 176000 and no chain change. Steel chains are very strong, and usually not replaced until they break or if a high mileage engine is apart for some other reason. They are not replaced as a routine scheduled maintenance item like the rubber timing belts used on many vehicles.

Typical signs that a steel timing chain is on the way out are noise and inaccurate timing. You can use a length of rubber hose to listen to the timing chain. Put one end near your ear and the other against the timing chain cover. If you try this with a good low mileage vehicle you will get some idea of what a normal amount of noise is.

I've had vehicles that you couldn't set the timing on. The light on the timing mark bounced all over the place, and the remedy was a new timing chain, although this could also have been caused by a bad distributer or bad harmonic balancer.

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Q: When do they change the timing chain on a 1996 Nissan Hardbody with a 4 cylinder engine?
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