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When do you actually need motorcycle insurance when you ride with a permit or just when you get a license?


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2004-10-09 22:30:29
2004-10-09 22:30:29

It depends on what state you live in. Some states don't ever require motorcycle insurance. Most states that require insurance require it just to register the vehicle.


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If you are attempting to get motorcycle insurance that means you probably have a motorcycle and should have a license for it. An insurance company will not provide insurance unless you at least have a motorcycle permit.

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In Massachusetts you can own and ride a motorcycle with a permit. You just cant ride with a passenger and if you dont get a license you pay a higher insurance rate

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No. Get your license. Once you have your motorcycle license you can ride your motorcycle in any state in the union with a license from any other state. Do not try to do it on a learner's permit.

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15;16 to get a license and you need to have 9 months with the permit

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You do not have to own a motorcycle in order to get a motorcycle license. Some states do have motorcycle training programs where they will provide a motorcycle for you to learn on and get a license. Most states have a learners permit where you can ride while you are learning. You would be able to drive a motorcycle from a dealership if you had a permit.

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